What are the security measures to stay risk free?

Security measures are given by Webroot.com/safe so that you stay safe and secure while using debit card and credit card.

  1. Browse Safely:

Whenever, you browse anything on web for shopping. It is very necessary that you browse on authorized sites because browsing and purchasing from unauthorized sites results in loss of sensitive data. This will also lead to loss of fortune, so make sure that the site which you are browsing should starts with “https” and if it starts with “http” this could be spam. So, always be careful.

  1. Pin of your card should be hard to Guess:

Always remember that the PIN of card should be hard to guess. When you keep the PIN, it should not be easy like 123, this type of PIN is easily guessed by the hackers. So, keep the PIN which is difficult to access. visit here

  1. Don’t share on calls the details of the card:

Sometimes, hackers represent them as bank officials and call the user for their sensitive information. So, it is advised not to share your card details on calls or messages because you should know banks never ask for these details.

  1. Don’t share on Social Media:

It is advised that you should never share your credit card photos and with caption on Social Media like Face book, twitter etc. Because this gives the excellent chance to the hackers to hack your information.

  1. Use security Tools:

You should always update your mobile device and your Web security tool i.e. Webroot antivirus. You can install this through www.webroot.com/safeinstallation.  This ensures your complete security to your personal data. As it scans the data of your device. And it also protects your device and data from phishing attack. Through this way hackers can’t steal personal information from your computer.

These measures protect you from all kind of fraud. Webroot gives more protection to device and data and for more information you just visit to the site via Webroot.com/geeksquad.

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