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As you are totally aware of the fact that, cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Hackers keep on introducing new techniques to attack on your device and data. So, in this situation it is your responsibility to take care of your device and data. Webroot is the only antivirus which has advanced protective features for device. This antivirus can easily install through www.webroot.com/safe. This software scans the data of your device on regular basis to avoid emerging threats. And it does not allow unauthorized access on your device by hackers. Most important feature of this antivirus is Identity Theft Protection by which hackers cannot attack on your Identity and also on your sensitive data.

What is Digital Identity?

Digital identity is all the information which identifies the user in this digital world. This connects a digital persona to an actual person means whatever the user freely share information about him/her on the social media accounts becomes your digital identity. Your email and online banking accounts, also add to your digital identity. Any information which is linked to you is the part of your digital identity.

What is Digital Identity Theft?

Digital identity theft occurs in many ways. Like in this hackers attack on your social media account, by messaging your friends and family and request them to give money. If he cannot gain full control of your social media account, then hackers set up a dummy social media account and use it.

Another form of digital identity fraud is internet-of-things (IoT), where hacker gains access to an IoT device because of weak security protocols. Another threat is SIM swapping in this the hacker tricks the mobile provider to swap a legitimate phone number with an illegitimate SIM card. You should be aware of these cyber crimes and lock down your digital identity.

How you can Lock Down?

You should install privacy settings in your social media account. Share your personal things with your friends and family only. You should only add people you personally know. Do not click on a suspicious link, which you get on email or social media messages, because hackers steal your identity through this. Always update your devices and software. Install Webroot antivirus in your device through webroot.com/safe.  As this will protect your device from emerging threats and also manages your network traffic.

For more information, about digital identity you can visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/secureanywhere. You can call at any time on their toll free number for help and support.

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