What reasons gives hackers to attack on Social Media Account?

The reasons are given by the www.webroot.com/secureanywhere, how your social media account gets hacked.

  1. Hackers generally attack on the account of the people who keep their social media account as an open book. This gives the chance to the hackers to attack on their personal information.
  2. As social media is not limited to facebook, there are so many social networking platforms like twitter, linkedin, instagram etc. People accept the friend request from fake people this increases the chance of their account getting hacked easily.

What precautions you can take before accepting Friend request?

  1. Research comes in handy:

When the friend request comes to you, before accepting you should quickly search on Google about that person. You can put his image or search on his name, to clarify the person is same or not.

  1. Valuable connections:

When the request comes from unknown person but that request is worthy in the sense that they are offering you job, in that case you can accept their request to gain benefit.

  1. Selective Choice:

If the unknown request does not serve you any kind of benefit then there is option that you can decline their friend request. The choice is completely yours.

  1. Fake Accounts:

Sometimes it becomes stressful to recognize their identity because they make fake accounts on different social networking sites. In this case you can directly talk to that person for verification.

  1. Photos Indicate Fraud and more than one account:

If the person who sends you request has more than one account, this is a red signal to you about that person. If in their account you don’t find their work pictures or genuine picture avoid that request. Review my blog


It is an advice to follow these precautions while working on social media account to avoid such scams. You never know fraudsters can use your personal photos or your identity to do crimes. And for the proper security of your Social Media account password, you must install Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe. It protects your device from all kind of threat like malware, spyware and also from cyber attacks.