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As in this modern world, Internet has made the lives of the people easier and comfortable. You stay connected with the people through video calls, chatting, messaging etc. But hackers took advantage of this situation and steal important information from your devices to make money or for their own personal benefit. While you are communicating normally or you are shopping online, they can steal your private information like username, password, credit card details or bank details etc. So, Webroot team just wants you to take precautions while using internet. You can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus gives complete protection to your device from cyber threats and stops the unauthorized access to your device by hackers.

How you can Protect yourself From Identity Theft?

  • How your Personal Information Hacked:

Hackers go through your garbage to look for your personal information so that they can use your identity for opening the bank account. Today, when the robbery took place, thieves are interested to steal the personal document of the person so that they can make money by selling your document on the dark web. Hackers send phishing email to the computer user so that they can steal the identity and other valuable information of the user. Hackers make call to the customer pretending that they from the financial organization to which the user is linked and demand for the personal information, victim get convinced and give their personal information. So, always beware of giving information to unknown person. this blog

  • Online Presence can also results in Identity Theft:

It is advised that people should make their social media account private because it can also results in Identity theft. As through your social media account they can easily steal your identity like username , password, home address, birth date and phone number. Hackers can even use your identity to open bank account. If you are opening the device through public network this gives hackers a chance to steal your identity. So it is advised always open your device in public network through VPN. This will encrypt your sending and receiving data.

  • Protect Kids And Elders:

It is advised that you should protect your child credit history because hackers can take advantage of this and can apply for the loan in name of your kid. Hackers can also steal the identity of the elder people as they are not fully aware of the identity theft.

  • Protect Yourself becoming the victim:

You can protect yourself by destroying the personal documents that you no longer needed, like bank statements and credit card statements, etc. For your online accounts, you should make sure that all your online passwords are unique and hard to crack by hackers and also monitor all of your financial accounts weekly. visit here

  • Identity Theft:

Hackers can steal your identity through data breaches. You can protect this by adding an extra layer of protection to your digital life. This will protect your personal information by sending you alert notification that the suspicious activity is identified.

For more details, you can contact to the official account of Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe.

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