Back To School With Webroot Secure Anywhere:

Now the time is coming when the students have to get back to school. Here you must know with the advancement in the technology, cyber criminals have also become very active. Hacker’s target is not only the commercial and financial sector but they also attack on the education sectors, which includes colleges and private schools. So, Webroot team wants to aware the students about personal security. Students can add the additional layers of security to their personal protection. You can install this trusted antivirus software through This antivirus protects your gadget from unauthorized access and also secures your identity from online thieves. As this software immediately identifies the cyber threat and blocks it. It also warns you about the threat by giving you the alert sign. In this blog, you will read how the students can protect them Webroot.

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Add Layer to your Personal Protection with Webroot:

  • Use Two Factor Authentication:

You must use two factor authentications for all your accounts as this adds another layer of security to your identity. This will protect your identity when login to a website, e-mail, banking etc.  In this a code is sent on your mobile to verify your identity when you login.  Authentication apps are also available on all Android Phones. When you do banking, shopping, and e-mail look for the option in your gadget.

  • Signup For Login Information:

Signup for login is used in place of two-factor authentication. This is very helpful, when your account is being used from an unfamiliar location. Then the notification is sent to your e-mail ID, or through text-message to the account holder.  This is also gives you the great layer of security to all your account.  This feature is basically found in the security settings of the website like banking and social media etc.

  • Change Your Password Before School Start:

It is advised that you should change the password of all your account before your school start. And also you should keep different password for all your account because if one of your account is compromised then rest of the account will be saved. Changing the password regularly will also reduce the chance of your account being compromised. You set a reminder for every 90 days for changing the password. 

  • Never Click on Suspicious Email:

You should never click on the link provided in the suspicious email. For example -You got an e-mail from a teacher who ask you to login, do not enter any details on such email as this might be a phishing scam because hackers design such type of email which look legitimate but in real these are fake email and design only to steal your personal information.

  • Use Webroot Security Software:

It is advised that you should use Webroot security software for your device and you can install it through . As this will protect your data from cyber attacks. And always update your security software as it will fix the security flaws in your device and provide you more protection from emerging threat.

If you want more details then you can visit to the website of Webroot antivirus through

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