How you can Manage Webroot Secure Anywhere Quarantine Items?

Webroot Secure Anywhere is the world famous antivirus which gives high class protection to your devices and data. This antivirus scans the data of your device and provides its user unique features for protection. It gives updates on a regular basis so that you remain protected against emerging threats. It is very important that you install that antivirus in your device which safeguards you from newly invented threat. As hackers regularly introduced new techniques to attack on your device and data. They always try to steal your sensitive data for making fortune or sold your sensitive data to the dark web. So, in this case Webroot antivirus gives total protection and you can easily install this antivirus via It ensures complete online browsing and it also manages your inbound and outbound network traffic.

Quarantine is the special storage system for suspicious items. Once all the items are moved to quarantine they are set to disable but it will not infect the computer system.

In Which Situation you want to Delete or Restore Quarantine Items:

These are the following situation in which you want to delete or restore Quarantine File. But if you are facing any kind of issues then you can contact to the customer care executives through

  1. If you want to save the disk space then you have to permanently delete the items of quarantine.
  2. If you see that some of the program is not working appropriately without the quarantined items then you have to restore the items of Quarantine.
  3. But in some cases, spyware is an important part of the authorized program. And this requires running the program.

Steps Required to View And Manage the Quarantine File:

For this, first you have to go to the official page of Webroot Antivirus through  Then just open the Webroot main interface. Now, just click on PC security. After this, you have to select the tab ‘Quarantine’ then just click on ‘View Quarantine’. It will show you the name of the item, its location, date and time, which is quarantined. But to delete or restore any item then you have to click on the checkbox just to select it. If you want to delete the item, then click on the option ‘Erase’. But if you delete it, you will no longer restore the items. If you want to move the item to its original location then click on “Restore”.

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The most important thing is, Webroot will not be able to detect it while scanning. But if you want Webroot to detect the items then you have to change the detection rules.

For more information about these items, then you have to visit to its official website via You can call the customer care executive if you need any help and support.

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