How you can protect your device and data?

  1. Password should be difficult to crack:

It is very necessary that you create a difficult password, so that hackers can’t easily crack that password. First do not create the same password for multiple accounts. Secondly, create a long password for your account and it should contain numbers, symbols, alphabets, sign etc. Thirdly, it should be of 8 to 12 characters. The password should not be of made on the basis of your birth date, anniversary date, name or country etc, as this type of password are easy to crack. The password should be strong, unique and easily remember by you. Follow this tip, this will make your entire data safe and secure.

  1. Think twice before you click on any link:

It is an advice that you should think twice before you click on any link. As cyber criminals use the technique of phishing through which they steal your sensitive information like credit card, bank details, etc. They send the user malicious links via emails, text messages. These links direct you to go to fake websites where you have to enter your personal information. But always double check the link by going to their site. But if the link is sent by the businessman they will never ask you to give personal information.

  1. Download Effective Webroot antivirus:

To secure your devices, it is an effective alternate that you should download Webroot antivirus through in your device. As it gives world class protection to your device from cyber threat like malware, spyware, rootkits, ransomware and from phishing attack also. It properly scans your data and device and creates a wall between the hackers and the device. It monitors the network traffic so that you can do browsing properly without any fear.

Webroot antivirus is the most effective solution for the cyber crimes. It gives the best technical support also. If you find any problem in installing this antivirus, you contact to their customer care via They are experienced, so they can solve your all query in minutes and you can contact them at any time from any place.

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