If Your Device Lost or Stolen! How to Protect it with Webroot SecureAnywhere?

If your device gets lost or stolen, then it poses a great risk to your privacy. Because all your valuable data is stored in your smart devices. If your device gets into the wrong hands then it could result in identity theft which results in major loss like your personal life becomes public, hackers can misuse your financial data and you will also have to suffer great losses in business etc. To prevent your valuable data from hackers, if your device gets lost or stolen, it is advised you should adopt some practices to protect your device from identity theft disaster. You should install security software like Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe as this will protect your smart devices from attackers through its camera trap and anti-theft protection feature. This software also secures your device from latest cyber attacks like ransomware and phishing attacks. This security solution supports all gadgets. Hence, in this blog you will read the best practices which you should follow if your device gets lost or stolen.

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Best Practices You Should Follow Before Your Device Gets Stolen or Lost:

  1. It is advised that you should keep a “Find My” app turned on in your devices. Through this, you can easily locate your device and remotely wipe your valuable data from your devices.
  2. You should keep pin codes, fingerprints, or Face ID to lock your device. Through this way, it becomes hard for the hackers to easily access your device.
  3. You should also use strong and unique passwords for all your online accounts like email and banking apps etc. You can use Webroot.com/safe password manager for creating strong password and for storing all your passwords.
  4. Remember if your device gets stolen, then you should act quickly. Because if the thief turns off your device or removes the battery of your phone, then you cannot be able to remotely wipe the device.

If Android Phone Gets Stolen, What You Should do?

  1. First, you should locate your device by going to android.com/find and then just sign into your Google Account.
  2. Then you have to choose the device for which you’re looking for from the list which is at the top of the screen. Then the device which is lost/stolen, will get a notification, so you need to act quickly.
  3. After this, you will get the information about the phone’s location. You should always remember this is the approximate idea and not accurate. You can also search your device in its last known location.
  4. If you are confirmed that your device has been stolen, then you should click on “Enable lock & erase” just to erase your device. But remember, when you erase your device, then Find My Device app will no longer work.
  5. But if your phone is just lost but not stolen, then you can Lock your phone with your PIN, pattern, or password.

The above are some method through which you can find your lost or stolen device. If you want more details, then just navigate to the site of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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