Latest Updates of Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus:

Webroot antivirus is the well known software which secures your device from all kind of internet threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks. You can install this software through In this digital world, it is very necessary to install antivirus in your gadgets as hackers are always finding the way to steal your identity and valuable data. It does not allow hackers to access your device because of its web cam protection feature. It monitors the network traffic and creates a wall between the threat and your device. It timely scans your device so that malware does not take place in your device. It detects and blocks the threat by giving you the alert notification so that it does not harm your device. Webroot continuously launches updates to fix the loopholes in your device and also to give more protection.

What are the Latest Updates Of Webroot Antivirus?

  • Identity Theft Protection:

It gives you the Identity theft Protection, to protect your identity like username, password, phone number, address etc from attackers. As everyday hackers make techniques to install malware in your device to steal your valuable data. It also secures your device from other online dangers.

  • Anti-Phishing Protection:

Hackers make malicious sites, emails and instant messages to install malware in your device. Their motive of installing malware in your device is to steal your valuable data to make money or use your data for their own benefit. Hence, Webroot protects your device from phishing attack.

  • Web Cam Protection:

Web Cams in your laptops and camera are exposed to cyber crime. As hackers can simply access your device through web cam and keep an eye on your screen activity. So, Webroot gives web cam protection feature so that hackers cannot be able to access your device and your location. sources

  • Cloud Online Storage Facility:

Webroot gives you the online cloud storage facility so that you can take the backup of your valuable data. This backup will be helpful when there is damage of device or in case of cyber threat. You can access your data anywhere anytime.

  • Mobile Security;

Webroot gives you safety for Android Phones and tablet computer computers with a secure online web browser. It scans your device for 20 minutes. And also if your device get lost or stolen, you can identify the location of your device through anti-theft and took the picture of the theft with camera trap picture. It locks, scream or wipe the data of your device.

For details, you can call the customer care expert anytime from anywhere on toll free number. You can also go to the website of Webroot antivirus via

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