How can you secure your Mobile Device with Webroot Antivirus?

As we all know that, because of the latest technology and portability of mobile devices had made people totally depend upon these devices. So, Webroot antivirus gives certain tips to secure your Mobile device.  This antivirus can be easily installed through People usually depend upon Mobile because maximum activities like surfing, booking appointments, setting up reminders, sharing files, video call and even mobile banking is being done on Android Phones. As all the functions are available on mobile, so they are on major risk because of their portability. Mobile phones have threat of worms, viruses, malware, phishing attack, and also of theft.

Tips given by

  1. Use strong Password and Biometrics:

For the protection of your Mobile you should keep strong password with the biometric features like fingerprints authenticators. Your password should be of 8 characters and should be alphanumeric. For the precaution you must change your password time to time after every 3 months.

  1. Ensure that Public Wi-Fi is Protected:

Everybody loves to use free Wi-Fi when your mobile data is almost finished. But this creates a major problem to your device. This network allows malicious people to get your password, username and other valuable information. If you want to protect Wi-Fi hijacking or to check the status of the Wi-Fi then use this application WPA (WI-FI Protected Access), this will secure your connection. When you are not using WI-FI then just turn off, for the protection.

  1. Utilize VPN:

If you are not sure about the security status than you can use VPN for the security purpose. This will connect to the network securely and any browsing you do on the public WI-FI will be hidden from the hackers.

  1. Encrypt your device:

Every mobile has encryption features in it. Encryption process makes the readable data into unreadable. Decryption process means makes the unreadable data into the normal data. This is very helpful in case of theft and also it prevents the unauthorized access. Encrypting the data takes some time, depending on the size of the data.

  1. Install the antivirus Application:

You should install antivirus which has the advanced feature for the protection of your Mobile. Webroot antivirus is the most trusted brand for your mobile. You can install this This antivirus will help you erasing your data if you have lost your phone, tracking and blocking unknown callers, and also clear your browsing history.

  1. Update to the latest software:

Your device always gives updates; please do not avoid this because updates always come with the security patches. You can set update to manual or automatic.

Other things to remember, when you are using mobile then turn off auto fill feature, when you are using Google or any other application always remember to logout, and also when you are downloading any app, use only trusted stores. For the better prevention of your mobile just install Or for more information just visit to its official site of Webroot.

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