How you can Avoid Pirated Content?

Piracy is always considered to be a big crime. Most of the people share pirated software, games, music, e-books, pictures etc. with their friends or they download free software, songs and movies through internet but they do not know this is the big source of transferring malware in your device. Piracy affects all the persons directly or indirectly. Many talented people lost work because of piracy and when you download the pirated content you can loss your identity. This is the easiest way created by hackers to exploit your device and data. Webroot team just wants you to be aware about these pirated content and they do not want your privacy leaks out. You can install this software through

Piracy is a Crime And is a Big Source of Malware:

When you purchase the content you are allowed to listen, play, read, or use that content for yourself. But you are not allowed to copy it, share it, and trade it. Copying software without the permission of the content creator is a crime. These are all crimes when you copied copyrighted material from a friend, illegally download from the internet, or purchased the content from the person who was selling illegally made copies.

When download the content for free that is the big source of malware. Because the person who is selling the software for free must have malicious intention. But when you download the content, hacker will steal your identity and enter malware in your device for making money. this link

How to Spot and Avoid Pirated Content?

Pirated content looks legitimate or real but you can spot these pirated content. You can check the online seller’s price of the pirated content and compare the price with the original software. Always check the software authenticity like the software must have original disks, manuals, licensing, services policies, and warranties. Because pirated content do not contain proof of authencity. You should avoid sellers offering to make backup copies this shows the software is illegal. You should have the seller’s contact information so that you can contact him if the software comes out to be pirated. And also take the receipt of that purchased software so that you can challenge the seller if the software is pirated. Before purchasing always understand transaction terms like returns and refunds, shipping costs, and security and privacy protection. You can also ask the expert by

So, it is advised always check the software before purchasing because if the seller has malicious intent your device can be damaged or your valuable data can be stolen. For more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot through Or you can call on their toll free number.

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