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In this digital era, where all the people are depending upon the computers. They store all their valuable information of their businesses in it. So, hackers take advantage of this situation and make new techniques to steal their data for their own personal benefit. Webroot team wants you to secure your valuable data and also tell you the reason for this data breach. You can install this antivirus software through www.webroot.com/safe.  Data breach is the unauthorized release of private and sensitive information of your businesses.

Common Reasons for Data Breach:

  • Weak passwords:

The easiest way for the hacker to gain access over your valuable information is the insecure passwords of your device. If you have created a weak password which is easily cracked by the hackers, this increase the chances of your data gets stolen by hackers. So, always create a strong and unique password.

  • Human error and process failure:

Human errors are considered to be the top cause of data breaches. This include the weak password, loss or theft of paperwork, unencrypted hardware devices, sharing account details, and sending data through email or fax to an incorrect recipient.

  • Unfixed, old system vulnerabilities:

Outdated software and outdated system allow hackers to infect the networks with malicious code. Outdated software and device gives the chance to the hackers to gain access over your device. this source

  • Malware:

 When Hackers are using phishing tactic to trap the users to download malware in devices through phishing email. Attackers get the chance to send you phishing emails if you have connected your device to an unsecured Wi-Fi or public network. To avoid these phishing emails, you must install security software like Webroot antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe which protects your device from cyber attacks like phishing emails.

  • Attack on Smaller Business:

 Attackers always target to the smaller companies as they have fewer levels of security, so this becomes easier for the hackers to steal their data. And smaller businesses always have this point of view that hackers will not target them. And they also don’t train their employees to fight against these cyber attacks and hence become the victim. So, smaller businesses also take precautions to protect their data from hackers.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe. For help, you can call the customer care executive any time on their toll free number from anywhere.

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