What should Schools, Students and Parents do to Stop Cyberbullying?-Webroot.com/safe:

Today, cyberbullying has become a major challenge to the schools, students and parents. As you know that children’s are spending more time on social media, the chances of children becoming the victim of cyberbullying has raised. So, it is very necessary to keep your children safe from this threat. Webroot team wants their customer to take some preventive measures to stop Cyberbullying. You can install this antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. As students is the future of our coming generation, it very necessary that they stay safe all the time.

Cyberbullying is when hackers send and share negative, harmful or false content to the children online. Attackers use texts, audios, videos, and images to harass children in private or public. Private cyberbullying is through text messages and chats on social media whereas, the public cyberbullying is the open comment in popular social media networks like YouTube or Facebook. Through these attackers gets the opportunity to bullying children’s publicly. www.webroot.com/safe

How you can stop Cyberbullying in schools?

Preventive Measures Taken By Schools:

1.The schools should organize a mentoring program and invite the community to participate in the program.

  1. Schools should develop a anti-bullying curriculum.
  2. The administrators should set strict anti-bullying and anti-cyberbullying rules.
  3. The school should conduct sessions to inform the parents that their students are misusing social media technology.
  4. Schools should train the staff on anti-bullying policies.
  5. Invite the guest speakers so that they speak with the students about cyberbullying and its consequences.
  6. Install firewalls setting in the school computers through webroot.com/safe to stop students from visiting the unauthorized sites. This setting will also monitor the student online activity.

Preventive Measures Taken By Students:

  1. Students should not share their username and password with anyone.
  2. Do not allow people to use your phone without your consent.
  3. Do not delete a threatening message and keep it as evidence.
  4. When you are angry do not respond on social media.
  5. Always block the unwanted calls.
  6. Never respond to unknown person.
  7. Don’t accept the friend request on social networking sites by unknown person.
  8. If you are becoming the victim of cyberbullying, you should always inform your parents. click here

Preventive Measures Taken By Parents:

  1. You should set up monitoring systems on your children’s computer so that you should know what your kids are doing. this blog
  2. You should set strict house rules for the usage of internet and cell phone. Tell your children the consequences if they violate the rules.
  3. Advice your children that they should not share their password and username with anyone.
  4. If your child receives threatening messages, then always keep a copy of it as a proof.
  5. You should have free communication with your kids and know about their life.
  6. Teach your children not to leave negative comments on social media.

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