How you can Use Webroot Wi-Fi Security?

Webroot Wi-Fi Security is the virtual private network (VPN) application specially designed by Webroot for home users. It gives complete protection from online threat to your family at home and also provides safety on public internet connections.  It takes less space in your gadget but increase the speed of your device. You can install this software through It quickly detects the threat and blocks it, so that you can safely surf on web. When you are shopping online, it protects your personal information from hackers. Webroot provide Wi-Fi security with the help of a VPN. This gives complete online safety to the customer, whenever he connects his device to the public network. Through VPN, you can securely share your personal information or can easily do online purchasing. This application provides security from hackers, targeted ads, and from those who spy, or track your data. In this blog, you will read how to use Webroot Wi-Fi security.

How to use Webroot Product?

For this, first you have to download the licensed Webroot Wi-Fi Security VPN on your device. Now you have to open the downloaded file. After this, you have to login to your account by using the login credentials which you have registered at the time of registration. In case, if you have not registered then you have to create a new account. After creating your account, you have to select the number of devices on which you wanted to use Webroot. Now, you have to select a payment method. When you choose your plan, you have to click on the “Confirm Plan” option. Follow all the instructions to complete the setup process.

How you can Create a Wi-Fi Security Account?

For this, first you have to download the licensed product from the official website of Webroot via , and then you have to open it. After this, you have to go to the sign-up page, and then you have to select the email address and password which you want to use for your account. Now, just keep a record of your login credentials so that you can use it later. After this, you have to go to your mailbox and then you have to check for the verification mail which is sent to you from Webroot. Now, you have to click on the link which is provided in that email. When the account gets verified, then you can use the Webroot product and can take the benefits it.

What are the benefits of Webroot VPN?

VPN gives you lot of benefits like without slow down your device, it provide secure connection. It is very easy to use, install, and activate. It is perfect for laptops, Android devices, and iPhones. It keeps your family safe online and also gives protection from spying threats. It automatically connects on unsecured Wi-Fi networks and hides your IP address. It does not affect your browsing speed or data limit.

If you want more information about Webroot Wi-Fi Security, you can contact to the customer expert from anywhere anytime on their toll free number. You can visit to the website through

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