What is the difference between Webroot Wi-Fi Security and Other VPN?

As you all know that Webroot antivirus gives great cyber security to the individuals, organizations and firms etc. Along with the great features, it also offers Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which always keeps you safe online. This security software can be installed in all the gadgets through www.webroot.com/safe. From the big organization to family households, people are using VPNs just to make sure that their data is encrypted end to end. But with the advancement in technology, there are many third party developers are also offering new and untested VPN options. Hence, in this blog you will read how Webroot Wi-Fi Security is different from other VPN.

Everybody knows that Webroot has decades of cyber security experience. But when you are selecting for the VPN, the first thing you must consider that you can completely trust your VPN provider or not. According to the recent studies, Webroot Wi-Fi Security is considered to be the best VPN provider as it provide great level of security as well as it encrypts your sending and receiving data. Webroot has built their confidence with among the customer, from the big IT companies to the small families. As Webroot first priority is the Security and privacy of their customers. The basic purpose of Webroot Wi-Fi Security is to encrypt your data without screening, storing, or selling your private information.

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But if you purchase new products from unknown companies that can be risky for your valuable data. Because, the customer do not know what type of data the other VPN provider company is capturing, or what are they doing with your data and you also don’t know how they protecting your valuable information.  But Webroot antivirus is the well known product which is in the security business for many years and they offer machine learning-based security systems to their customers. VPN protection with Webroot Wi-Fi Security gives additional layer of security to your data and device.

Webroot Wi-Fi Security gives Best-in-class security:

Webroot Wi-Fi Security provide its customer best-in-class security and along with that it is very easy to use. You just need to click one button, then it will automatically turn on all the security features which are there in the product. If the user wants extra security for Android, Mac, and Windows then they can turn on Webroot Wi-Fi Security’s unique “killswitch” feature. In case, your VPN connection is lost, then the kill switch feature of Webroot does not allow the transmission of your valuable data in the unsecured network till you get connected to the VPN protection. It also protects your privacy by hiding your location. As when you browse over the Websites, they came to know your location and then they use your private information just to track your browsing habits. But Webroot Wi-Fi Security completely hides your IP address, so nobody came to know your location.

Webroot Provide Privacy plus security:

Webroot Wi-Fi Security provides an extra layer of protection to your data like it safeguard your financial information, passwords, and personal files from hackers. Webroot antivirus also stops you to visit any malicious or risky websites which contains malware, phishing, and key logging spyware by blocking the website. It also provides Web Filtering feature to its users.

If you want to know more details about Webroot Wi-Fi security then you can visit to the site of Webroot via webroot.com/safe.

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