5 Steps To Reduce Identity Theft:

Advancement in technology helps the people a lot but simultaneously it gives lot of opportunity to the cyber crooks. Today, people use mostly internet connected devices because these devices make the work of the user easy and convenient. People do their entire task like online banking and online shopping just through sitting at home. For this, they store all their financial details in their phones but hackers make new techniques to steal user’s personal information from their devices, this result in Identity Theft. Hackers use this valuable information of the user for their own personal benefit. Now it becomes mandatory to install Webroot antivirus in their devices so that hackers cannot be able to steal valuable information of the user. You can install this well known antivirus through www.webroot.com/safe. This antivirus gives great protection from all kind of cyber threat and its amazing features are Identity Theft Protection, Web cam protection, Web Shield Protection, Compatibility, Reliability and fast scanning feature. In this blog, you will read how you can reduce Identity Theft.

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How to Reduce Identity Theft?

  • Implement a credit freeze:

It is recommended that you should implement credit freeze as this will not allow hackers to open a new line of credit in your name. Many credit bureaus provide this service for free. And also you should monitor your credit card and bank statements on regular basis so that you should know about the details of transaction. And also check your medical bills when comes.

  • Change login passwords:

You should change the login passwords of your financial websites and also do not reuse these passwords. You should set the password which is easy to remember and should be the combination of letters, symbols, characters and numbers. If you cannot be able to create passwords then you can use a password manager to generates, and stores passwords. Always use different password for different account.

  • Secure Your Cell Phone Number:

If hackers had not stolen your cell phone number then you should take necessary steps to protect your number. As hackers can use your address or date of birth and can claim to be you and they can also ask your mobile service provider to transfer your number to a different SIM card or carrier. This will create a problem for you as all your calls will be attended by hackers.

  • Invest in good antivirus software:

 You should purchase good antivirus software for the protection of your device. Webroot antivirus provide identity and privacy shields to secure your important and private data. It quickly identifies and blocks fake websites, attachment or links which are designed to steal user sensitive information.

  • Practice cyber hygiene:

If you want to stay safe and secure online you should use two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication for protecting your sensitive accounts. You should install app updates automatically and always keep your operating systems up to date.

If you want more details, then you can visit to the site of Webroot antivirus through webroot.com/safe.

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