Adopt Cyber Hygeine Habits To Stay Safe Online:

Cyber hygiene is totally about your cyber security, simply to resist yourself from cyber threats and online security issues. It is strictly advised that you should maintain your cyber security as due to this Coronavirus pandemic, hackers becomes very active because people are doing all their activities online. And hackers are just finding ways to steal user’s data and use their personal information for making money. Webroot team has introduced some cyber hygiene habits for the safety of the user. And the customer can easily install this amazing security product through In this blog, you will read about cyber hygiene habits.

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Best Practice To Maintain Cyber Hygiene:

1: Install Reputable Antivirus:

You must install Webroot antivirus software in your device as it provides protection from threat, mark specific files for the detection of malicious software, Schedule and perform automatic scans, it can also scan particular one file in your computer, also erase the malicious codes and software and it completely helps to maintain the health of your computer.

2: Use Network Firewalls:

You should use network firewall which helps to maintain the good cyber hygiene. As it creates a line of defense between your device and the network. It does not allow unauthorized users to access your websites, mail servers, and other important information on the web.

3: Regularly Update Software:

It is advised to update your apps, web browsers and operating systems regularly. You should make sure that you must work with the latest programs which have no patches. And also set up this feature in your device, to update automatically as this will fix the patches in your device automatically. You should not ignore the notifications of updates as updating your device and apps is very necessary for the health of your gadget.

4: Set Strong Passwords:

It is essential to set strong passwords for all of your devices. And the passwords must be unique and complex, and must contain at least 12 characters. It should have numbers, symbols, upper and lowercase letters. It is highly recommended that you should change your passwords regularly and also do not share your password with anyone.  You can take help of the password manager to store your important passwords.

5: Use Multi-Factor Authentication:

You should use two-factor authentication, as this will provide additional layer if security. In this, you have to submit your password and username along with a unique code which will send to your phone. By using multi-factor authentication, it becomes harder for the hackers to gain access to your device and your personal information.

 6: Regularly Back up Your Data:

It is advised that you should keep the backup of important files offline, in an external hard drive, or in the cloud. As this will protect you from any types of data loss, or if hackers have gain access to one of your device.

These are some of the cyber hygiene habits which help the user to stay safe online. If the user need any kind of information, then you can visit to the official site of Webroot via

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