Different Types of Online Fraud and How to Prevent it With Webroot?

As you all know that, with the growth of internet users, and internet scams are also increasing. Today, internet becomes the basic necessity and used in your life, business, and career. Because people started doing their government and private services online, selling and purchasing online products, running their online businesses, students are doing online courses and learning new skills, and through internet user can entertain them as well.

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But with this advancement in technology, fraudsters are also taking the advantage of the internet to commit cyber crimes. They use internet to steal the user’s valuable data like username, password, bank details and other financial details etc. They steal this data and sell them in the dark web and make money out of it. Webroot team wants to aware their users about online frauds and how they can protect themselves with Webroot antivirus which can be easily install through www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read about the various online frauds.

Various Types of Online Frauds:

  • Online Shopping Frauds:

If the customer ordered the product online, and pay the price for it but do not receive the product.

  • Online Banking Frauds:

If the customer’s money is transferred to another bank account. There are some cases, where the person does not get the OTP but their money is transferred to strangers.

  • Online Dating Scams:

In this type of scam, if a person started chatting with a stranger on phone or on chat apps. Then, hackers create duplicate social accounts to steal your personal information or started playing with your emotions.

  • Make Money Online Scams:

In this type of scam, hackers trap people by selling the lottery or win the scheme and people get attracted to make money. Or scammers influence people to sell you something or they easily make you emotional to exchange money. www.webroot.com/safe

  • Online Jobs Scams:

In this, people pay the money to the scammer so that they get jobs but in reality they do not get a job.

  • Fake News distribution or TRP scams:

In this scammers, misguide people so that they take certain action. They misguide, by creating fake videos and images to create panic among the users. Sometimes, fake social news impact on the law and order badly.

  • Online Promotion and Marketing Frauds:

In this, scammers show you the fake advertisements which look original, but they are all scams.

  • Donation & Charity Scams:

In these scams, people are targeted to pay the donation in the name of religion, social and education etc. and their main motive is to influence the emotions of the people and take money from them. Hackers use internet for scams.

  • Data and Information leakage scam:

In this, the employee of the government or private sector shares the confidential information of the company with another company for making money.

These are some of the online scams but the user can protect their valuable data by installing Webroot antivirus in their devices through webroot.com/safe as it blocks all the internet threat. For details, you can call the customer care of Webroot Support team.

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