How to Avoid Unwanted Program and iPad Malware?

As you all know that Apple ipad are safe but always keep in mind this phone can also get infected with malware. So, it is very necessary that you take some precautions to keep your IPad safe from infection. It is highly recommended that the user must install Webroot antivirus in their devices via to keep their device safe from external and internal threat. In this blog, you will read the method to keep your IPad safe.

Method To Keep your IPad Safe:

  1. Update your iPad Software:

Apple quickly fixes the security holes in its device. Hence, you should install the Webroot security software and regularly update it. You should download and run the latest version of security software. For this, you need to open the Settings app. Then, you should press the “General” option. At this point, click on “Software Update.” Here, run the update and enable “Automatic Updates.” You must also timely take a back up of your iPad data.

2. Turn on “Find My iPad”:

Apple has built in feature that is Find My iPad which uses GPS to find your device if in case it gets lost or stolen. It is advised you should enable this feature. Apple has ‘Mark as Lost’ feature which allows the user to remotely lock or erase the contents of your iPad. But in case, you decided to sell your iPad, then you should turn off the Find My iPad feature and also just reset to its factory default settings. If you want to turn on this function, then you should first open the Settings app. After this, you should hit your name which is at the top of the screen. Now, you need to hit on “iCloud.”Here, just tap on “Find My iPad.” Next, you should toggle the switch to green of the “Find My iPad” option.

In case, you want to find the iPad, then you should open the Find My iPad app on another device and then just sign in with your Apple ID and password. When you sign in, then the iPad’s location will display on your screen.

3. Lock your iPad with Passcode:

You must set up the passcode security feature on your iPad. In case, your iPad gets lost or stolen then it will become for hackers to break your. To setup your Ipad with passcode, you should first open the Settings app. Then, navigate to “Face ID & Passcode.” At last, click on “Turn Passcode On.”

4. Secure your Lock Screen:

You should disable Siri and other notifications from your lock screen because if anyone picks up your iPad, then by using Siri they can check your calendar and set reminders. You should disable this feature. For this, open the Settings app and then click on “Touch ID & Passcode.” Lastly, under “Allow Access When Locked,” just disable all the functions which you do not want in your gadget.

For installing Webroot, you should go to the official site via

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