How To Boost the Speed of Window 10 Latest Version with

Nowadays, Window 10 is very fast and productive. It is advance in highlights than the previous version of Windows. If you install all the applications of Window 10 on your Computer, then the speed of your processor will get moderate. Hence, Webroot team has given some tips to boost the speed of Window 10 latest version. It is advised you should install Webroot in your device via to secure your gadgets from external threat. In this blog, you will read the tips to boost the speed of Window 10 latest version.

Tips to Boost the Speed of Window 10 Latest Version:

  1. Disable Startup Programs:

Startup programs are the programs which start on your device, the minute you turn on your computer. These programs run in the background or out of your sight. These startup programs make the Window processor moderate so you have to disable these programs to boost the speed of Window 10 latest version.

2. Deactivate Foundation Application:

This type of applications runs out of sight run out of sight and gives you warnings and updates. Hence, these applications slow down the speed of your processor and make your battery low. So, you should deactivate this foundation application.

3. Deactivate Cortana:

In case, you are not using Cortana all the time, then it is better to deactivate Cortana. This will helps you to use extra rooms and all the assets which are out of your sight.

4. Turn off Other Antivirus Programs:

Usually, people install so many antivirus programs in their devices which starts running in the background when you turn on your device. It checks the credibility in documents and constantly runs in your device, just out of your sight. These antivirus programs make your device runs slowly.

5. Boost Window 10 Computer by changing the setting in Windows:

If you want to boost the speed of your computer then you should change the setting of your Windows. This will upgrade the version of your Windows and speed up your device. And the settings which you can change are change privacy setting, deactivate delivery enhancement and change power plan.

6. Avoid Window Update:

Sometimes, when you update your Windows, then this will result in horrible end and also makes your device slower than before. If Windows starts downloading and installs so many application which runs out of your sight then this will makes your computer processor moderate. Hence, you should deactivate Window update.

The above are some of the method which helps to boost the speed of Window 10 latest version. The user must install Webroot antivirus software through as this antivirus programs blocks all the internet threat and secures your data. You can install this antivirus in any of your device like Window, Mac, Computer, and Android Phones. If the customer need help, then the user can anytime go to the official site of Webroot antivirus software.

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