How to Easily Clone Your Hard Drive in Windows?

Basically, a cloned hard drive is the exact similar copy of the original hard drive which has the operating system and all the files which requires boot up or run. In case, you put a cloned drive into your computer, then you can easily start and use your   PC normally. It’s good to protect your data by keeping an extra copy of your hard drive. Usually, people clone the drive for creating a full backup of their data just to protect it from malware or damage of their device, if you are migrating to a new computer and also if you are upgrading your drive from a hard disk drive (HDD) to an Solid-State Drive (SSD). Webroot team just wants their user to clone their hard drive. And you can install this effective antivirus through This antivirus completely scans the data of your device and protects it from malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the how you can clone your hard drive.

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What to do before you Clone your Drive?

  1. First of all, for cloning your drive, you should have two drives.  The original drive which contains your data and OS, and a second drive which you want to clone. Remember, your second drive should have the enough space to hold all the cloned data, and for future files.
  2. The second important thing is how you connect your drives. You can connect it, by installing the second drive in your PC or you connect through an adapter or external dock before cloning.
  3. You should make sure that you have proper power supply if cloning from a laptop because this process will take some time.  

 How you can clone your hard drive in Window?

1. Before, you clone your Windows hard drive; you should clean out your current drive. You can clean the unnecessary temporary data, caches, duplicate files, and also the apps you never use. It is necessary to delete the useless data otherwise; the cloning process will take longer time. When your drive is clean then you can clone your Windows hard drive. To clone your hard drive, you should download and install Trusted Drive-Cloning Tool like Macrium Reflect Free and EaseUS.

2. Then, you have to select your Source Drive like the computer’s drives and their partitions which has house repair tools or boot utilities. You should copy all these things with your data so that your new drive to function properly. When you made your choices, then you should click on Clone this disk.

3. After this, you should specify the clone destination where it should place the cloned data. When you click on Clone this disk, then you have to click on Select a disk to clone to. After this, click on Delete Existing partition and let it get to work.

4. Now, you should set the clone to run. This process will take a few hours, according to the data you have. If in case, you are cloning from a laptop, then ensure that the power supply is plugged in.

When the process is finishes, you can start using your cloned drive or you can also store it away as a backup.

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