How to Fix Webroot Critical Error?

Webroot antivirus is the trusted product, which secures your device from latest internet threat and you can install this software through Sometimes the user faces Webroot Critical Error, and this error occurs when you try to update a specific file which is related to the system files. And while updating the system file and if there is any interruption during the process then this will cause the error. In this blog, you will read the solution to troubleshoot Webroot Critical Error.

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Solution To Fix Webroot Critical Error:

  • Uninstall Webroot Software For Windows 7 or below:

First, you have to press the window key from your keyboard just to activate the start menu. Then, you have to select the Control Panel option from the menu and then just select Program and Features. Now, in Programs and Feature you have to select uninstall a program option from the list. You have to select the product which you want to remove and then just click on Uninstall option. Here, you have to wait till the uninstallation process complete and then restart your computer system to save the changes. When, the Webroot Software is completely uninstalled from your computer system. Then, you have to download the file again from the Webroot website and then start the installation process.

Windows 8 or above:

First, you have to right click on the start button and then just select the Control Panel from the menu. After this, click on the Programs and then you have to select the Uninstall a program from Programs Tab. Here from the list of option, you should select the name of your product which you wish to uninstall. When you select the product, then click on uninstall option and after this, you should wait till the application is removed from your computer system. At the end, restart your system just to save the changes which you have made.

When the process of uninstallation is complete, then you should download the setup file from the official Webroot website and again reinstall your Webroot software in your computer. This, method will fix the Webroot Critical Error.

  • Reinstall Webroot Software:

To reinstall, you should go to the Webroot official website to download the product setup file in your computer. Then, you should enter your login details. After you enter the login details like email address and password, then you should select the product which you want to download from the list. Now, you have to click on the downloaded file to begin the setup. Here, you have to click on Run option and then just follow the instructions. At this point, you have to enter your 20 digit Webroot keycode in the required field. When the installation complete, then you have to double click on the Webroot icon just to launch the application.

This method will help you to solve the Webroot Critical Error. But if the user of Webroot antivirus is still finding the issues, then they can call the expert of Webroot support team anytime. For more information about Webroot, you can visit to the site via

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