How to Make Your Wi-Fi Secure Against Hacking Attacks?

Wi-Fi is the wireless network which has made the life of the people easy. They can easily use the Internet on their computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other wireless devices. In the wired network it is difficult for hackers to hack your network but in the wireless network hackers can access your Internet through broadband connection like your neighbors can access your internet. So, Webroot team wants their user to make their Wi-Fi network secure against hackers. You can install this trusted antivirus through It provides complete security to your internet connected gadgets and your personal information. In this article, you will read the tip which makes your Wi-Fi network secure against hacking attacks.

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Tips to Make Your Wi-Fi Secure Against Hacking Attacks:

  • Use a Secure WPA Password:

You should always keep the password of the router strong, unique and lengthy so that it protects your Wi-Fi network from hackers. And the password should not be easily cracked the hackers. Router basically comes with its default settings, like default administrator name and password so that you can access your Wi-Fi fast. But with the default setting, hackers can also access your network. Hence, you must change the name and the password so that criminal cannot access your network.

  • Change Your Network SSID Name:

Your Wireless Router’s SSID name is set as” default” or set with the router’s brand name. But this name is not safe as hackers can also use this, so its better to change your network’s SSID name. It also helps to know which network you are connecting to. When you set this, you will be always connected to the right wireless network even if there are so many wireless networks. It is recommended that you should not use your name, home location or other personal information in the SSID name.

  • Use a Firewall:

 Firewalls create a line of defense between your router and cyber attacks. Mostly routers have built in firewalls which monitor your sending and receiving data and also blocks suspicious activity.

  • Upgrade Your Router Firmware:

 You must make sure that your router is running up to date firmware. You can also download the new firmware updates directly from the manufacturer for your router. Mostly people forgot to check their router firmware is updated or not. You must check it because sometimes your router wants you to upload new firmware. This will protect your router against external threats.

  • Enable Mac Authentication for Users:

If you do not want everybody to access your network then you can restrict who can access your wireless network just by allowing certain devices to connect to it. Each device has a MAC address, and MAC authentication so you can only allows access to the network from the administrator’s set of addresses. This will prevents unauthorized devices to access your network.

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