How To Manage Email Inbox To Protect It From Virus?

As you all know that the junk mails attract malware and phishing attacks. You can block these junk emails by creating inbox filters, reporting and blocking mail addresses, or you can also use third party spam protection. The easiest way to protect you from spam emails is to avoid opening suspected junk mail, or do not click on links within a questionable email. It is highly recommended that you must install Webroot antivirus software in your device through as it provides an additional layer of protection against all kind of viruses. In this blog, you will read how to manage your email inbox to secure it from virus.

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How you can Stop Spam Emails?

You can stop spam emails in your inbox by using spam filters, reporting spam emails, unsubscribe to promotional emails and also not publishing your email address. Sometimes, opening and clicking on the links in the email can result in malware, and phishing attacks. Generally, spammers use database of email addresses but if in case, your address was compromised then the reason will be if you have done a subscription to a website which shares your information with third parties, if the website you previously subscribed had suffered from data breach and may be, your address was stolen from the comments you have posted on forums and blogs.

Create Inbox Filters:

Internet service providers and email hosting services gives you in-built spam filters which automatically filters your spam emails. You should create your personalized filters and rules in your email host to clear the unwanted emails.

Create Email Filters For Gmail:

If you want to create an email filter in Gmail, then you should select the arrow dropdown which is located next to reply for more options. Then, you have to choose “filter messages like this”. Gmail creates its own rules for the filtered emails.

Create Email Filters For iCloud:

If you want to filter email in cloud, then you should go to your iCloud account, and then open the mail dropdown and after this, select preferences. Here, in the pop-up window, you should choose the rules tab. At last, you can personalize your filtered messages just by adding conditions.

Report Spam Emails:

If a spam email comes to your inbox, then you should report it. It is advised that you should not open the email, or click on any links which is in the email. If you report these emails to your host, then the automatic filters will properly identify unwanted mail.

If you cannot be able to report spam, then you should send the message to your email provider and makes the complaint.  

Unsubscribe To Promotional Emails:

Normally, spammers add clauses in privacy policies so that they can share your personal information with third parties. So, if you sign up for promotional email then you must check its site privacy policy and just make sure that they do not share your information with third parties. It is advised you should unsubscribe to irrelevant promotional emails.

The above are some of the techniques which help to manage your email inbox. For more security, you should install Webroot antivirus through

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