How to Prevent Someone From Spying On Your Phone?

Smartphone becomes the basic need of every individual and in this digital era, spying becomes the major problem. Because people don’t care about their Smart Phone security till they become a victim of a cyber crime. Basically hackers hack your Phone’s webcam to your watch your activities or they install malware in your device to track your GPS and also read your text messages. Hence, Webroot team wants you to protect yourself and your device from the dangers of Spying. You can install Webroot antivirus through As this antivirus can protect you from all kind of hazards. It gives you complete protection against internet threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, worms and also from phishing attacks. As hackers always in need of your personal data so this antivirus protects you from emerging threat. In this blog, you will read how to prevent someone from spying on your phone.

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Tips to Prevent Someone From Spying On Your Phone:

  • Install Security Software:

You must install security software in your device that is Webroot antivirus through As this software scans the data before you download the content from internet in your device. And it also control and manages the network traffic. It stops unauthorized access to your device. You can install this software both on Android and on IOS. It has many great features like Web Cam Protection, Identity Theft Protection, Firewall Setting, Reliability, Compatibility, Fast Scanning, Web Shield Protection and also Anti-Theft and Camera Trap feature etc.

  • Use Strong Password:

You must create a strong password for your device because many people do not generate a proper password and hence become the victim. You should create a complex, strong and unique password for your device. It should be the combination of numbers, letters and symbols. If you generate a good password that can protect your phone from spying eyes. The password should be very difficult to guess by attackers and is very easy to remember by you. You should always create different password for different accounts.

  • Use Anti-Malware:

You should use anti-malware in your device because spyware are very hard to detect and block. If you install anti-malware in your device, it will safeguard your device from malicious third-party apps, and also protect from spyware apps. This anti-malware software makes you tension free from any future spyware tools as this software is regularly updated. this article

  • Use Encryption Tool:

You should always open your device through VPN when you are in public place. Because VPN encrypts your valuable data and whatever information you send and receive is totally encrypted. If you are using your device through VPN then hackers cannot access your location. You can do financial transaction easily like online shopping. | webroot geek squad, webroot com safe
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This process will help you to protect your device and data against Spyware. If you want more info then you can call the expert of Webroot team anytime. For assistance, you can go to the site of Webroot antivirus via

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