How to Receive Calls on Mac Apple Device and Secure With Webroot?

If you are having the Apple devices, then you can do all your work at a rapid pace. Apple devices are the demand of this digital world. Because Apple organization always update their devices with the recent innovation to improve Apple devices. If you have Mac operating systems, then Apple enables you to answer the calls on Mac. It is highly recommended that if you are using the latest technology then you must install Webroot antivirus in your devices through As this is the trusted antivirus software which secures your Mac device from cyber threat like Malware and viruses. This security software regularly gives updates and protects your device from emerging threat. It scans the data of your device and gives advanced features for the protection of your devices. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to receive calls on Mac Apple Device.

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 How you can Receive Calls on Mac Devices?

For this, first you have to enable Call Relay on your Mac device. Then you have to press Command + Space keys and then type FaceTime. After this, you have to open FaceTime and move further to Preferences. Now, in the Preferences box, you have to click on the Settings tab. Here, you can find the Calls from iPhone option. At this point, you have to click the check box which is next to the option. Please note that, you do not need any opening FaceTime in your iPhone or Mac system. So in case, you close the FaceTime in your device, then also it will keep running to work.

How you can pick up Calls on Mac Device?

The process of answering the call in Mac is very simple. When you will receive a call on your Mac, then the Contact name will display on your screen with options like Accept or Decline. You just have to click on the Accept button if you see the contact name displays on your screen. In case, you are busy and cannot be able to pick up the phone, then just click on the Decline button. Here, you will see a drop-down arrow just right next to Decline option. You should click on the drop-down arrow. Now, you will see the three options will which will mention the time just to remind about the call. Here, you have to select the time to remind in 5 minutes, 15 minutes or  in 1 Hour.

How you can Make a Call from Mac Device?

First, you have to open FaceTime on your Mac. Then you have to type the name or contact number. After this, just click on the phone icon of the specific contact person. Now, the Call using iPhone will display, and then click on the phone number.

How You Can Transfer a call from Mac to iPhone?

Remember, you can continue your call on your iPhone from your Mac device just by transferring the mid-call to the device. After this, you just have to pick up your iPhone and then go to your home screen. Here, you will view Touch to return to call which is located at the top of the display. Now, you have to click on the audio icon and move further to select iPhone. At last, you should continue your mid-call from Mac to iPhone.

The above method will help you to receive a call on Mac device. And if you want to know the procedure of installing Webroot in Mac device then just visit to the site of Webroot via

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