How To Remove .djvu file Extension Virus with Webroot?

. djvu is a virus file extension which encrypts important files in a computer system. If the file extension changes by virus then it will demand money from you. If the user wants to remove .djvu file extension, then they can use manual method or Webroot antivirus via in order to remove the virus. In this post, you will read the method to remove .djvu file extension virus.

Method To Remove .djvu file extension Virus:

1. Manual Removal of .djvu virus:

1. Uninstall of djvu:

First, in your PC window, you need to tap on Start button. After this, you need to select All Apps. Now, you should locate djvu file extension and just right-click on it. At last, you need to select Uninstall.

2. Remove djvu By using Task Manager:

You should open Task Manager, by hitting Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys altogether. Then in the displayed window, you need to find Processes and then hit on it. At this point, locate the .djvu virus processes. At last, you need to select End Process.

3. Remove .djvu virus through Registry Editor:

For this, you need to open Run dialog box by tapping on Windows key + R key together. After this, you need to enter the command in the dialog box:


And then select OK button. Here, you need to locate .djvu files. If you want to speed up the process, then hit on Ctrl + F and then you should enter the file name in the search box. Lastly, just remove the files.

4. Remove .djvu virus via Msconfig in Safe Mode:

First, you need to Reboot your system. Then in the boot window, you should press F8 till you open the Advanced Boot Options. Now, you need to locate the Safe Mode and hit Enter. When your system has booted up, then you should open the Run window. Here, you should type the command in the box:


After this, hit on Enter key. At this point, visit to the Startup tab. Here, you need to locate all suspicious services and just disable them. At last, just Restart your computer system.

5. Remove .djvu virus through Safe Mode with Command Prompt:

You need to open Advanced Boot Options. After this, you have to select Safe Mode with Command Prompt. When your system has booted up, then log in as an administrator. Now, you should type the command:


And then press Enter button. Lastly, follow the commands to finish the process.

2. Automatic Removal of .djvu virus:

If the user wants to automatically remove .djvu virus then they should use Webroot antivirus programs via in order to scan the viruses in your devices. It protects your Windows, Android, Linux, Laptop and Mac devices.

This antivirus will eliminate the viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and other type of malicious infections from your computer system. It gives multilayered protection to your data and device. It keeps your valuable information safe from hackers and stop unauthorized access. It provides advanced features in case you lose your computer system or if it gets stolen.

If the user wants to know the process of installing Webroot antivirus, then they should navigate to the official site via

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