How to Run Webroot System Analyzer and System Optimizer?

Webroot antivirus is the popular brand which is available in the market for the protection of computer user. As you all know that, many people have become the victim of cyber attack. So for the protection of their valuable data and device they should install Webroot antivirus in their gadget through Hence, in this blog, you will learn how to run Webroot System Analyzer and System Optimizer.

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How to Run System Analyzer?

System Analyzer is a tool which quickly scans for threats, security vulnerabilities, and other system issues. When the scan complete, it immediately gives you the notification which describes about the vulnerability it found. It also gives you the recommendations which can increase system performance, privacy, and protection.

To run System Analyzer, from the dock, you have to click on the Webroot icon. This will show you the main interface on the computer screen. Then you have to click on the Utilities gear icon. Here, the Utilities panel will show you with the System Control tab active. Now you just have to click on the System Analyzer tab. You will see the SecureAnywhere launches its system analysis. When it is complete, it will show you a summary view. Here, you can view the System Analyzer Result like the current situation of the hardware, software and threat. After this, to view more items, you should click on the View Full Report button. Or in case you want to Save the Results in HTML format, you just have to click on the Save Results button.

How to Run the System Optimizer manually?-

System Optimizer can remove all the traces of your web browsing history, files which show your computer usage, and also about the files which tells about your activity.

When you browse on the Internet, you leave many traces and these traces stores on your hard drive in the form of temporary files, and it also stores the lists of recently used files, websites you have visited, or cookies etc. If anyone has access to your computer system, can easily see your activity. System Optimizer will help you to protect your privacy by removing the traces of your activity like Internet history, address bar history, Internet temporary files (cache), and cookie files. It also helps in deleting the unnecessary files which Windows stores on your system. These files affect your computer performance.

 To run System Optimizer, from the system tray, you should double-click on the Webroot icon. It will show you the main interface. Then you have to click on the Utilities to expand the Utilities drop-down menu. Here from the Utilities drop-down menu, you should select Optimize Now. Or you can also click on the Utilities gear icon, and then you should select the System Optimizer tab and after this, you have to click on Optimize Now button. Here the optimizer will show you a progress bar as it runs.  After the optimizer finishes, your computer system will show you how much disk space was recovered and also when the last optimization was completed. If you want to get the details about what was deleted, from Utilities, you have to select the System Optimizer tab, and then just click on the View Log button. Here the log will shows in the default text editor. When you have completed, you can close the file.

 The above method will help you to run Webroot System Analyzer and System Optimizer. In case, you need any technical assistance then you can go to the site via

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