How To Spot Phishing Attempt Against You?

Due to Corona virus pandemic, many people are doing their work from home through internet. Because of this, cyber criminals took advantage of the situation and attack on the internet user through phishing scams. In phishing scams, they send the email which contains the malicious link to the user and when the user open this email and click on this malicious link, then malware automatically install in their device. It is advised, when you browse on the internet do not open the email which comes to you from unknown sender and also think twice before you click on any link. Hence, Webroot team wants its customer to spot these cyberthreats before they do any real damage to your data and device. The user can install Webroot security software in their device through  In this blog, you will read how you can spot phishing attempt.

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Tips to Recognize Phishing Attempt:

1. Check Spelling and Grammar Mistakes:

Generally, when you receive emails or watch ads which come from legitimate companies, then you will not find any kind of spelling mistake. Because their entire team work and make sure that they are sending the correct ads or email to the user. But on the other hand, Phishers don’t work in the proper manner as their main motive is to trap the person and make money from him. As a result, there are so many spelling and grammar mistakes in their email or ads. So, whenever you get the email which has poor spelling and grammar, then this is a clear sign of a phishing email.

2. If sender’s email address doesn’t seem legitimate:

Normally, people trust the emails which look official or come from a business. But, hackers use your blind trust and trick you that an email is from official company. In this email, they use a slightly different email domain like neflix so that it looks legitimate. If you want to spot these cyber attacks, then you have to catch this misspelled and illegitimate email addresses before you become the victim.

 3. Receives an Attachment from Unknown Person:

If in case, you receive the attachment or link from someone you did not recognize, then this might be a phishing attempt. There are many people who click on these attachment and even download them in their device as a result malware gets install in their device. Through this malware, hackers steal your login information, or your banking information. Hence, if you don’t know the sender then thinks twice before opening any email.

4. A link Redirects you to a different URL:

Sometimes, when email comes to you from the trusted sender, but the URL is pointing to a website which you have not heard before, then you should avoid clicking on it. Because it might be possible, if you click on that link it will redirect to a different URL and installs malware in your device.

The above are some of the tips which will help you to recognize the phishing attempt. For more details about phishing attacks, just visit to the site of Webroot via

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