How To Troubleshoot Minecraft Black Screen Issues on Window 10 with Webroot?

As you all know Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is very much popular among the gamers. But some user’s faces issues like Minecraft Black issues. If the users need help, go to Webroot official site via In this post, you will read the method to fix Minecraft Black Screen issues in Window 10.

Method To Fix Minecraft Black Screen Issues on Window 10:

  1. Use your Webroot Antivirus:

If incase, you cannot start Minecraft, then you should check your antivirus software. Because, there are many third-party antivirus which interfere with other applications and stop you from running Minecraft and other types of games. In case, you get a black screen while running Minecraft, then you must check your antivirus is blocking Minecraft. Here, the user can add Minecraft to the list of exclusions in your antivirus and then you should check if it works. You should also uninstall third party antivirus. When you remove the antivirus, you should again run Minecraft. If this solves your problem, then you should switch to a different antivirus. It is highly recommended you should install Webroot antivirus in your gadget via

2. Reinstall your Graphics Card Drivers:

You should open Device Manager by hitting on Windows Key + X together and then select Device Manager from the list. After this, you should locate your graphics card driver and just right-click on it. Then, you need to select Uninstall device. If incase, it is available then you should check Remove driver software for this device. Here, you should tap on Uninstall option. When the driver is removed, then you should hit on Scan for hardware changes icon.

You can update your driver by using a third-party tool like DriverFix. You just have to download and install DriverFix and then open it. Then it will automatically run a driver scan on your Computer system. For detail, visit to

3. Disable 3D Display Mode feature:

You need to open the Settings app by clicking on the Windows Key + I shortcut. If the Settings app opens, then you should visit to the System section. Then, in the right side you should scroll down and just choose the Advanced display settings. At last, you should locate 3D Display Mode option and then disable it.

4. Run Game in Compatibility Mode:

You should locate the Minecraft.exe file, and just right-click on it. After this, you should select Properties from the menu. Now, you should go to the Compatibility tab and then check Run this program in compatibility mode for option. Lastly, you should choose the desired version of Windows and then hit on Apply and OK option to save the changes.

5. Use Ctrl + Alt + Del Shortcut:

You should Start the game. If the black screen display on your screen, then you should press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys. After this, you should hit on Cancel option to return back to Windows.

Through this way, you can fix Minecraft Black Screen Issues in Window 10. If the user needs help in installing Webroot, then visit to

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