How User can Access their Files Without Paying Ransom or Restore From Backup?

Ransomware is the malicious software which is designed by hackers so that the user cannot access their files and data. In this, if the user wants to access their files then they have to pay ransom. Hence, in this blog you will read the method how users can access their files without paying ransom. If the customer wants to install Webroot in their device, then they should visit to the site via

Method to Access Files Without Paying Ransom:

1. Perform the System Restore:

For this, first you need to go to the Start button and then tap on the Settings option. After this, you need to hit on the Update & Security. Then, you have to visit to the Recovery. At this point, you should choose Restart Now option which is under the Advanced Startup section. Here, you need to navigate to the Troubleshoot. Next, just tap on the Advanced options. After this, you should choose System Restore option. Then, you have to tap on the Next button and just select system point through which you can recover your encrypted files. At last, you should select Next option and then you have to wait for the system restore to complete.

2. Use Decryption Tools:

As you all know that there are some ransomware which are undecryptable, so users should decrypt the files by using decryption tools. There are so many decryption tools through which you can get back your files which are encrypted by ransomware. Hence, if you want to decrypt files, then you should download the decryption tool in your computer system. When you download the decryption tool on your system, then you should decrypt the encrypted files. After decrypting, you should run Webroot antivirus in your device through As this will lessen the chances that you will again get ransomware in your device. Webroot will detect the malware on your computer system and completely it from your computer. It keeps your PC safe and secure.

3. Restore Previous Version of Files:

First of all, you should visit to the file which you wish to decrypt and then right-tap on it. Now, you should select Properties and then hit on the Previous Version tab. At this point, you will get a list of the previous version of file. Here, you should tap on View option in order to verify the version of the file. At last, you should hit on the Restore button in order to restore the file and then just replace the encrypted file. Now, you can recover the encrypted files without paying any type of ransom.

4. Use Data Recovery Tool:

Sometimes, ransomware doesn’t encrypt the original files but it deletes the original files and it encrypts the copy of the files. Hence, some ransomware encrypted files are not original but a copy of the file. In this situation, you should use Data Recovery tools in order to access your files without paying ransom. It is advised the user should use the professional and reputable tools in order to recover the data lost by ransomware attacks. Through this way, you can restore your lost data without backup.

With this above method, the user can access their files without paying ransom. If the customer need any information related to ransomware attack, you can visit to Webroot site via

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