How Webroot Helps To Better Protect Your Business?

In this cyber world, it is very necessary that all the small scale and large scale businesses protect their business from cyber attack. For protection from viruses, the user can use proxy, VPN and can install Webroot antivirus via In this blog, you will read the method to protect your business from threat.

Method To Protect Your Business:

1. Set up Proxy on Chrome Browser:

For this, first of all you should navigate to Smartproxy’s official website and then it on Start Now option. After this, you should register by informing the developers for what you’re going to use the proxies for. Now, you have to input your credentials and then choose Create account. At this point, you should verify your email address just to activate the account. And then, you have to press Buy Proxies. Here, you should select between Residential proxies, Datacenter proxies or Search Engine proxies. If incase, you select the Residential proxies and then choose if you want Regular, Enterprise or Reseller. Next, you should choose Buy subscription. At the end, you should follow the instructions for the payment and then finish setting up the subscription.

2. Use Smartproxy Browser Extension:

The user should open Google Chrome and then type in Smartproxy extension. After this, you should choose Add extension and then you have to open the Smartproxy Extension. Now, you should accept the license agreement. Here, you should select your Location, the Type, enter your Credentials, and then turn it On. At this point, you should wait for the extension to turn on. If incase, the user want to change the location of your proxy, then you should turn the extension off and also change it from the interface and then lastly, toggle it back on.

3. Install Webroot Antivirus Software:

Webroot antivirus is the reliable and trusted security software which secures our devices from all kind of internet threat like viruses and malware etc. The businesses can download and install this security software via This software fits for all the devices like Laptop, Computer, Mac and Android Phone etc. It provides cloud storage facility so that the businesses can store and access their data anywhere anytime. It timely provides updates in order to protect user’s device from latest threat. It improves the performance of your devices and gives protection from malicious software. It also gives alert notification, if it found threat in your device. It provides VPN facility, so if you are in the public place you can operate your device by using VPN as it hides your IP address and also encrypts your network. It also gives Password Manager, so that the user can create a strong password for their account and store in it. Hence, it gives complete protection to your internet connected devices from cyber threat.

Through this way, Webroot helps to better protect your business. Webroot provides many products for your home and business purpose, so for installing Webroot antivirus go to

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