How Webroot Web Security Service Secure Your Network?

Today’s internet provides great advantages to the people but they also bring risks to your data and device. But if you want to secure your business, then you should have proper security checks and also the correct use of internet. But sometimes web usage needs of employees are complex and costly, if the offices are in multiple locations and there are remote and mobile workers. Hence, Webroot antivirus software provides web security solution to its users which are highly cost-effective and can install through . This Web security service is cloud-based and it provides the organizations to right level of security and also gives productive web access to their employees. Most importantly, this security service prevents web abuse and also minimizes web malware risks. As it’s cloud-based, it is easy to manage and it secure workers where they connect. In this article, you will read the benefits of Webroot Web Security Service.

It prevents breaches and infection, reduces operational risk, it minimizes management complexities, gives fast browsing with minimal latency and provide proactive scan and safe search integration. Along with this, Webroot secure your data from malware, rootkits, ransomware and from phishing attacks. It improves the device performance and monitors the network traffic. It timely provides updates so that your device can fight with the emerging threats.

What are Key Benefits of Webroot Web Security Service?

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

It requires no management of hardware or software to support, Low ongoing administration charges, no switching fees or other up-front costs, and the user has to Pay-as-they-go means per user/per year according to the subscription model.

  • Proactive Web Security:

It prevents web malware before it reaches the network or the users. It has multiple security layers which protect you against unwanted threats and attacks. It provides Real-time integration with BrightCloud Threat Intelligence. It gives Smart URL filtering and also the content blocking with Social Network controls. It provides its user Smart and unique real-time anti-phishing protection. It has smart auto-detection of anonymizing proxy circumvention. It also provides the facility of Zombie detection and blocking.

  • Easy to Manage:

This software has intuitive cloud-based management console. It has Internet access by account, group, or user level. It provides full AD and LDAP integration for smarter use management. It gives detailed ad hoc and scheduled reporting. This software support for Citrix and Terminal Services. It has Auto-updating Desktop Web Proxy (DWP) agent.

  • Reliable Service:

Webroot antivirus is basically a global IT security leader which provide fault-tolerant data centers and also remove the single point-of-failure risks. It gives seamless authentication and also protection for remote users. It gives 24x7x365 web and telephonic based support to its users.

With the above mentioned method, the user can use Webroot Web Security Service to secure your Network. If the customer need any kind of assistance related to Webroot issues or for the installation process of Webroot antivirus, then they can visit to the site via

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