How You Become the Victim of Home Title Theft and How to protect yourself?

Today, hackers are attacking on the user’s home title and this lead to identity theft which is a result of weak cyber practices. So, it is advised you should install Webroot antivirus via for better protection of your data and this antivirus protect you from identity theft. In this blog, you will read how you can protect yourself from Home Title Theft.

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How You Become the Victim of Home Title Theft?

  • Phishing:

If hackers had sent you suspicious emails with link which look legitimate. And when click on that link, malware automatically install in your device which is capable of stealing your personal information. As they are pretending from the trusted source, they can ask you for sensitive information.  Hence, it is advised do not open any suspicious-looking emails and also do not click on links attach with these email.

  • Phone Scams:

In this, hackers call you on the phone and pretend to be that he is speaking from a bank and then ask for account details or money. But in reality, banks only communicate through mail. It is suggested that do not provide sensitive information over the phone.

  • Hacking Public Wi-Fi:

As you all know that public networks are unencrypted. Hackers gain control over public Wi-Fi, so that they can steal the data of the users and can easily install malware in the device of the user. It is suggested that you should use VPN to connect to public Wi-Fi.

  • Dumpster Diving:

Sometimes, hackers look your trash to steal your personal information like bank account numbers, health insurance cards, or credit card details so that they can easily commit identity theft. Hence, it is advised you should shred your mail before discarding it, like the documents which contain credit card numbers, tax-related information or other kind of personal details.

Protection Tips From Home Title Theft:

  • Be Alert of Suspicious Activity:

You should be cautious what comes through your mailbox. And you should open the mail from mortgage companies which are not yours, and if it is addressed to someone else. It is suggested do not open suspicious emails as it could be phishing email. Do not give your signature or your sensitive information.

  • Timely Monitor your Documents:

As your second house is not your home, so hackers attack on second-home properties because they are not watched properly. So, you should not ignore these documents like second-home properties, credit reports, and other type of records.

  • Use Security Practices:

You should use strong passwords and do not use the same password on other devices. You should contact a title monitoring service, which gives you notification regarding your home title. If you are purchasing a property, then you should double check that a title company is licensed.

To avoid becoming the victim of Phishing scam which lead you to Home Title Theft, you must install Webroot antivirus in your gadget through

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