How you can Avoid Being a Social Engineering Victim?

Social engineering is basically tricking the person to take information through technology. In this social engineer take advantage of the victim’s natural tendencies and emotional reactions. They want the victim to react first and think later. Their main motive is to get the victim’s personal information to make money. So, Webroot team wants their user to avoid becoming the victim. You can install Webroot antivirus in your device through This antivirus gives complete protection from cyber threat and emerging threat. It does not allow hackers to access your device. It consumes less space but gives great performance. It is compatible for all the devices. It detects the threat immediately and blocks it before it harms your device. In this blog, you will read how you can avoid becoming the social engineering victim.

Tips to Avoid Being a Social Engineering Victim:

  • Consider the source:

 You should first consider the source from where it is entering your computer. It could be a USB stick which infects your computer by installing malware into it. May be a text or email which comes to you is not from the legitimate source. So, it is advised you should not click on links or open attachments from suspicious sources. If you are in doubt then you should type a URL into your browser instead of clicking on it.

Mostly Social engineers are always in a hurry to complete their targets. So, before reacting, they should think may be the scammer is behind the email, phone call, or face-to-face request. So you should slow down and think twice before reacting to anything.

  • If it sounds too odd to be true:

If you are getting any request on social media and you find it little bit odd.  Then you must investigate any requests for money, personal information, before handing them. Because there is a possibility that it is a scam.

  • Install an antivirus software:

You should install Webroot antivirus in your device through And make sure that your device and security software is up to date. You can also set the operating systems to update automatically. If you have the latest versions of software and devices then this could fix many loopholes and gives more protection to your device.

  • Your email software can help you:

You should install email filter programs in your device which could filter out junk mail, and scams. If it is not giving you proper results then you can change its settings by quick online search. The main motive is to set your spam filters to remove the junk mail.

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