How You Can Get Rid of Gamarue Malware from your PC?

If your device has Gamarue malware, then you should immediately remove it. Because this malware change the setting of your PC and infects your device. To remove this malware, you should install Webroot antivirus via In this published article, you will read the method to remove Gamarue Malware from your PC.

Method to Get Rid of Gamarue Malware from your PC:

1. Scan your PC:

It is advised you should first scan your PC to remove the malware threat. And you should also prevent it from spreading in your files. For this, you should restart your computer system in Safe Mode. Because, Safe Mode will begin your computer system with the less services running, and it will also prevents other malicious software from launching on startup. Hence, it is suggested you should run an in-depth or full scan of your PC in order to remove the malicious software. You must use Webroot antivirus via to detect viruses, worms, malware and other type of harmful software. It has user-friendly interface.

2. Browse Windows Registry for Malicious Software:

First, you should open the Registry Editor just by writing regedit in the search bar. You need to open this with administrative rights. After this, you need to look at the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion

Then, just double tap on the Current Version folder just to reveal a drop-down menu. Now, you need to browse the drop-down menu from top to bottom and then just view all folders with Run in the title. Here, there can be folders such as Run, Run Once etc. Some programs are set to run automatically, when you switch on the PC. If you locate one, then you should tap on it such as list of files, Scan these files which looks suspicious, check the files are malicious and then read up on each. In case, the file is malicious, just right-tap on it just to receive the delete option. At last, you should repeat the procedure with other Run folders, in order to remove the malware till the registry is properly clean.

3. Reset Browser Settings:

First, you should go to your browser’s settings and then visit to the Reset folder. Now in Chrome, you will find the reset option in Advanced Settings. Here, your browser has all extensions and add-ons.

4. Disable Autorun in Windows:

Generally, malware occur because of Autorun or Autoplay feature which is basically set as default on your PCs. If you connect an external drive to your PC then it will use the same option in order to open the files on your drive. In case, you do not have any protection software in your device, then the Autorun feature will run the malicious software just infect your PC. Then the malware will make changes to your computer registry and the install plugins which can steal your passwords and other types of useful information. So, you must disable your Auto-run feature in PC.

Through this way, you can remove Gamarue Malware in your PC. If you need any type of help in solving this issue, then you navigate to Webroot official site via

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