How You Can Prevent Your Phone From Hackers?

Today’s generation is totally dependent on Phones. As you do your official work, communicate with your friends and relatives, online banking and online purchasing through your phone. But what will happen when your phone gets hacked? Hackers will steal all your valuable data and use your personal information for their own benefit, so as a result you will suffer loss of fortune. Hence, Webroot team wants you to protect your phone from hackers. You can install this software through . So, it is very necessary that keep your phone away from prying eyes. In this blog, you will read some tips to protect your phone from hackers.

Tips To Protect Your Phone From Hackers:

  • Update Operating System and Security Software:

You should update your Operating system, as update makes your device to a latest version. And you should also update your security software because updating of software fixes many security loopholes in your device and introduce new security features for the protection of your device.

  • Avoid Public Wi-Fi:

Today, everybody knows the danger of using public Wi-Fi. As public Wi-Fi in cafe, malls, and restaurants is place where hackers can easily reach your device and steal the valuable data. So, it is advised that you should switch off your Wi-Fi whenever you are in the public place. Or if it is very necessary for you to use Wi-Fi then you should open your device through VPN which encrypts your network.

  • Never Leave Your Phone Unattended:

It is strictly advised that you should always keep your phone with you, when you are in the public place. This is the best rule which you should must follow.

  • Lock Your Smartphones:

It is strictly advised that you should set a lock on your smartphones. Because of lock, nobody will be able to access your device without your consent. You can set a face lock or finger print scanning which is easy method to lock your device. Or you can lock your device through password but it should be the combination of letters and symbols which is difficult to crack by hackers.

  • Use Antivirus App:

You should install Webroot antivirus in your device through Hackers install malware in your device to steal your data but if you have installed Webroot in your device, it will protect your device from cyber threats like malware, spyware, Trojans, viruses and also from phishing attacks. It will quickly detect the threat in your device and blocks it by giving you the alert warning.

For more information, you can visit to the official website of Webroot via And you can also call on their toll free number for help.

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