How you can Protect Your Companies Backup from Ransomware?

Companies usually take the backups of their data to protect their data from cyber attacks like phishing or ransomware attacks etc. Backups are the easiest way of recovery from any cyber attacks. As people use the backups to recover their system without paying ransom to the bad guys. But what happens when your company’s backup data is encrypted by ransomware, in this case you have to pay the ransom. You can protect your company’s data from ransomware by installing Webroot antivirus in your device through This antivirus gives full protection to your device and data from cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attacks etc.

How Ransomware Encrypt Your Backups?

Ransomware can infect your system through email attachments, drive by downloads, or malicious links etc.

  • Spreading Through Network:

Companies know the value of the backups, so they stored their data locally or in the cloud. Ransomware are capable of spreading to other computer networks. But if the system gets infected, ransomware can spread across the network and encrypts the organization backups.

  • Syncing to Cloud Storage:

Cloud storage is the perfect place to store files in the cloud like in OneDrive and Google Drive. But when there is ransomware attack and the files on your network or in the cloud are encrypted. Some cloud storage service has the feature of file versioning, if your company’s files are encrypted, you can get the previous, unencrypted version of files. But this feature is enabled by default. this blog

Protect Companies Data From Ransomware:

You can protect your company’s data by keeping 3 copies of your company’s data. Because if one copy is lost due to ransomware then you can rely on other copies. You can store 2 copies of your data on other devices. You can store backups on different type of storage media like local drive, file server or tape drive. You should take the backup of your data outside the network and stored it offline. Tape drive are not connected to any network that is why it not affected by ransomware. All the people are not allowed to access the data backups. Limiting the access to backups reduces the risk of ransomware.

All these solutions protect your companies’ data backup from ransomware. But if you still need more information, you can call the customer care executive of Webroot antivirus through anytime from anywhere. For customer support, you can call on their toll free number.

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