How You Can Protect Your Network From Wardriving?

Today, everybody who is browsing on the web know the risk of unsecure wireless networks like the public Wi-Fi which you found basically in local coffee shop or at the airport etc. Wardriving brings those risks to your home. Wardriving means when the attackers drive around your network or they use technology to identify the unsecure wireless networks in your home. If the hacker can be able to find that network, and steal all your sensitive data, then they can commit crimes in your name. Hence, Webroot team wants its user to protect their network, devices, and data against wardrivers. You can download and activate this security software in your device through This software secures your devices and data from internal and external threat. In this blog, you will read how you can protect your network from Wardriving.

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How Wardriving Work?

 Basically, Wardriving occurs when hacker use software and hardware to find out the unsecure wireless networks so that they can gain access on them. They use software applications to find out the passwords and also decrypt networks. And the hardware contains a mobile device, wireless laptop, a GPS system, etc. Wardrivers look for Wi-Fi signals, and also plot the Wi-Fi access points on a map so that they can gather data on those networks. Wardrivers are in vehicles, so that they can locate those Wi-Fi networks.

With Wardriving, hackers can gain access to any of the device which is connected to your home network. Hackers can easily install malware on your home computer and also to the other connected devices. They can also commit crimes like identity theft by using your sensitive data which they have stolen from your computer.

Protect your Network Against Wardriving:

  1. You should turn off your wireless router when you are away from your home or if you are not using it. If you do this, hackers cannot be able to discover your network and you will remain safe.
  2. It is suggested that you should change the default administrative login username and also the password on your router. Because, hackers can easily discover the default administrative passwords on the web.
  3. You should use the highest level of encryption if possible. You should always keep your router up-to-date, and use secure encryption like Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) or WPA3. You should always access your router by passwords only.
  4. You should check your network settings. In this, you should make sure that your network settings are updated with the latest security patches. Because the flaws will leave your network vulnerable.
  5. You should configure a firewall setting as this will provide an extra layer of protection. It will monitor the communications and also detects and blocks the unauthorized access to your network.

The above mentioned steps will protect your network from Wardriving. If you are still facing any sort of issues, then for details just visit to the site of Webroot via

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