How You Can Protect Your Password Online?

Webroot antivirus is the popular and effective security solution which scans the data stored in the internal memory of your device. This software makes your device malware and virus free. And the customer can easily install this trusted security solution through As you all know that, in this digital era it is very necessary for the user to protect their online passwords because hackers always wants to steal your login credentials. Password is the first line defense so that hackers cannot be able to access your finances, credit card information and identities. In this blog, you will read the easy way to protect your online password.

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Tips To Protect Your Password Online:

  • Don’t Use a Weak Password:

 People commonly use the casual password like 123456 but it is advised that the user must not use these types of passwords as these can be easily guessed by hackers. If it is asked to create or update a password for a site, then you should avoid simple patterns passwords. You should select the password which is 12 characters long, and it should be the combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

  • Use Multifactor Authentication:

As users have stored lot of sensitive information in their accounts, it is suggested that they should use multi-factor authentication as this is an additional step of verification which add more security to your accounts. In this step, a code is sent to your phone number which you have to enter before entering into the account. This will prevent the hackers to compromise your account.

  • Prefer to Use Biometrics:

Nowadays, people use biometrics like fingerprint or face lock etc. to log in your Smartphones, tablets and laptops instead of a password. It is suggested that you should use biometrics as this is more secure and it also prevents you from forgetting your password.

  • Different Accounts Should Have Different Passwords:

It is easy to use the same password on different sites, but this will increase the chances of your password being compromised. If hackers steal your password, then they can use your password to access your other online accounts and they can also do financial transactions in your name.

  • Consider Password Manager:

You should use Password manager which keeps the track of your usernames and passwords which you have use on various sites. It will also boost your safety and saves your time by automatically filling in the username/password fields. You can store all your online passwords in Password Manager.

  • Don’t Share your Password:

It is suggested that you should not share your passwords with anyone. As others can misuse it, for their own personal benefit. If you share your passwords with others then this will be a threat to your privacy.

  • Always Update Software:

You should not ignore the notification which notifies you about the updates. Always remember that updates provide more features to your software and it also fixes the patches and flaws in your software.

These are some of the ways which helps to protect your password online. If in case, the user wants more information about Webroot, then they can visit to the site of Webroot via

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