How You Can Protect Yourself From Grey Market Threat?

As you all know that the Video games aren’t cheap, so sometimes it becomes difficult for the average gamer to buy it. As a result, gamers look for other places to buy their games that is known as grey market. But you should be careful, if you are purchasing from the video games from grey market because might be these video games has virus in it, and when you play these games, virus or malware will automatically install in your device. Hence, it is advised that the gamers who wanted to purchase their games, only purchase from reputable and official sites. Webroot team wants to aware their user about grey market and how they can protect themselves from grey market threat. You can install this security software for the protection of your device from malware through As this security software scans the data on regular basis to protect it from malware. In this article, you will read about grey market threat.

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What is Grey Market?

The grey market is a place from where you can buy video games. These places are not illegal but not totally ethical. Basically, grey market has ecommerce sites which sell activation keys for games and they sell these at reduced prices, just to attract the consumers. But it is possible that these activation keys are fake or illegitimate.

What are the Dangers Involved in Buying Activation keys from Grey Market?

1. The activation keys which are sold on grey market sites, basically made only for journalists who were reviewing these games. But publishers can disable these keys after sometime. Hence, the money you spent on buying these keys will be wasted and your activation key will not last long.

2. It might be possible that you purchase that activation key, which was earlier bought by a scammer with a stolen credit card number. And when this theft is reported, again the publisher will stop that key and as a result, you are with a key which is not working.

3. There are some scammers who sell activation keys which do not work or fake. If in case, you buy this type of fake keys, then you will not get any refund.

4. You should be careful while purchasing the activation keys from grey market sites because this might give your financial information to hackers. Hence, it is advised it is safer to purchase from official sites established online sellers.

5. Gamers are curious for free games and they just download the pirated games from sketchy sites. You should be careful, though because this is illegal as well as the download will install malware in your device. If your device has malware, then hackers can steal your online credit card or bank account information.

Protect Yourself from Grey Market Threats:

You can protect yourself from Grey Market threats, if you don’t buy activation keys from grey market sites, you should only purchase games with credit cards, not debit cards, you should use PayPal or other similar services which will help to protect your identity and you should use two-factor authentication on gaming sites. You must install Webroot antivirus in your device which secures your device and data from online threat.

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