How You Can Protect Yourself from Video Games Scams in Covid -19?

In Covid 19 period, people spend their time at home. Many people spend their time on games, so it is very imperative to protect themselves from video games scams. The customer should install Webroot antivirus via to secure their devices from viruses and malware. In this published article, the user will read the method to protect themselves from video games scams.  

Method To Protect Yourself From Video Games Scams:

  1. Never Give Your Credit Card or Bank Information:

It is suggested that you should never reply to the email or the direct message which ask for your credit card, personal, or banking information. If someone claims to be from video game service, then also you should not disclose your credit card information or bank account numbers to them because legitimate companies do not ask for this information through emails. If somebody is asking you this means, it is clear sign that he wants to steal your personal information.

2. Don’t click on Links in Emails Which Ask For Updated Password:

In case, the users receive an email which asks to update your password. It is highly recommended you should not click on these types of links provided in the email. Keep in mind if by mistake you click on these links, then it will redirect you to a fake website which will asks you to fill all your personal and financial information. After this, hackers will use your personal information to access your financial accounts. To protect yourself from these scams, you can also delete the emails which ask you to update your log-in credentials.

3. Secure your Gaming Accounts with Strong And Unique Passwords:

It is advised the gamers must use the passwords which are very difficult to guess and hard to crack by scammers. You can create a difficult password by using the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It is suggested you should not use the same password for different accounts. This is because if hacker cracks your password of one account, then they cannot break the password of your other accounts.

4. Use Two-Factor Authentication:

The gamers must use two factor authentications, so that it becomes very difficult for hackers to break your video game accounts. If the gamer enable this feature, then they require your proper identification such as two pieces of identification in order to log into your site, which means your password and your phone number and also the code which is sent to your mobile. This code will make it difficult for hackers to hack your accounts.

5. Install Webroot Antivirus and Use VPN:

When the gamers are playing games on their computer, it will difficult for them to protect their identity. Hence, it is advised when the gamer is playing games then they should use VPN as this will not expose their IP address. You should also install Webroot antivirus and use VPN through  Antivirus will secure your device from malware and viruses and VPN will protect your IP address and secure your identity. Using VPN will show that you are somewhere else in the world and through this way hackers cannot find your location.

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