How You Can Reinstall Webroot on Window, Mac and IPhone?

Webroot antivirus is the popular and trusted software which supports all the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. You can download and install this trusted security software through  This software secures your computer system from malicious hack attempts. It also detects and blocks the malicious code from installing in your computer system. If the users have an active subscription, then they can reinstall Webroot Antivirus. For this, you should regenerate the software keycode by visiting to the official website of Webroot antivirus. In this blog, you will read how you can reinstall Webroot on Window, Mac and iPhone.

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Reinstallation of Webroot with Keycode:

You should reinstall Webroot with Key Code. For this, you should click directly on the link to download your product. After this, you should open a browser on your computer system. And then just type in the URL box or you should open a run box just by pressing Windows + R key altogether and then type here. With the Webroot Product Key, you can be able to complete the installation process.

Remember these points, slow internet connections can results in problems in downloading.

If in case, you already have antivirus installed in your device, then you should uninstall it first and then remove it completely from your system. And also you should have the latest updates installed in your device so that it is completely compatible with the Webroot antivirus.

Method to Reinstall Webroot with Keycode:

First, you should click on the Download Now (PC) link for your product version. Then, you should click on Save option and just note where the file is saved in your computer system. After this, you should locate the saved file and then double-click on the file to begin the installation.  When it prompts, you should enter your Keycode.

Re-install Webroot on Windows PC:

Here, the Webroot installation file that is wsabbs2.exe will automatically download in your computer system. After this, you should locate the wsabbs2.exe file in your desktop and then just double-click to begin the installation. If it prompts, then enter your Keycode which is there on the backside of your Internet Security package. At last, follow the instruction to complete the procedure.

Reinstall Webroot on Mac:

Your Webroot installations have automatically downloaded the wsamacbbs2.dmg in your computer. You just have to locate the wsamacbbs2.dmg file and then double-click to begin the installation. After this, double-click on the Webroot Internet Security icon. If it prompts, just enter your keycode which is on the backside of your Internet Security package. At last, you should follow the instruction.

Reinstall Webroot on iPhone:

You should have Secure Web browser for iOS, which blocks the malicious websites and gives you the mobile access to your encrypted passwords and also the form-fill profiles. Now from the App Store, you should search for Webroot secure web browser.

Through, this way you can reinstall Webroot on PC, Mac and iphone devices. If the customer needs assistance, then visit to the site of Webroot via

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