How You Can Secure Yourself From Pharming?

Webroot is the popular security software which protects its user from different types of online scams. And this security product is used in Mac, Laptop, Computer and Android Phones and can easily install via This antivirus immediately identifies and blocks the internet threat before it harms your gadget. Webroot team has given complete information about Pharming and what steps you should take to protect yourself against it. Through Pharming technique, the main motive of the hackers is to steal your personal information without your knowledge or consent. With this personal information, they commit financial or identity theft crimes. Hence, in this article you will read the tips to protect yourself against Pharming.

What is Pharming?

Generally, in phishing attack hackers wants you to click on the email link, and then it will take you to a fake site and steal your personal information and uses for their own interest. But Pharming attack is a two step method. In the first step, hackers install a malicious code on your computer or server. And then secondly, the code will send you to the fake website in order to collect your personal information. But in pharming process, the hackers do not want you to click on any fake link, whereas it will automatically direct you to fraudulent site and when you enter in that site, it will take your personal information without your consent. For protection, user should install Webroot antivirus through

Types of Pharming:

  • Malware Based Pharming:

In this type of attack, sometimes the user installs Trojan or virus in their device through email or through downloads. After this, when you type the address of the website, then the malware which is installed in your gadget directs you to the to fake sites which are created by hackers.

  • DNS Server Poisoning:

When you type the domain name of the website, then this Domain Name Systems will direct your website request to the right IP address. But if there is a corrupted DNS server, then it will direct you to the fake IP address. This type of attack not only corrupts the single file but it corrupts the whole DNS Server.

Common Signs of Pharming:

  • Unsecure Connection:

If the site has “http”, then this means the site is not secure and might be the site is corrupted.

  • Website Does not Looks Legitimate:

In case, the website you type on the address bar has spelling error, or strange font or color, then it is the clear sign that the site is fake.

How to Protect Yourself Against Pharming?

The user can protect them against pharming by making sure that you are using secure connections such as “https”, beware of clicking on links or attachments which is sent to you by unknown sender, you should avoid malicious websites, you should turn on two-factor authentication on the sites which offer it, it is advised you should use reputable internet service provider, it is recommended to use a VPN service which has reputed DNS servers, and also change the default password of the routers.

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