How You Can Spot Online Scareware Scams?

In case, you are browsing online and you get a pop-up ad on your computer screen which is a warning that your computer is infected with viruses and you should buy antivirus software to remove that virus from your device. This means that your computer is infected with a scareware attack. In Scareware scam, hackers try to gain access to your credit card information just by tricking you into buying fake antivirus for your device. But in case, you fall for this trick and install this antivirus in your device, this means hackers have stolen your credit card information and also install malware in your computer. And after this, they will use this malware to access your files, send the fake emails to your contacts in your name, and also track your online activity. But you can avoid scareware scams by installing Webroot antivirus which is the trusted security solution and can easily install through  And you should also keep your computer’s programs up to date. In this blog, you will read about the warning signs and how to spot Scareware scams.

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Warning Signs of Scareware Scams:

  • Scary Pop-up Ad:

Basically, the hackers who make scareware scams, they just want to frighten you so that you purchase their fake antivirus product. That’s why they create the content of these pop-up ads, a dire warning that your device is infected with hundreds of viruses and it will cause your computer to crash so that you immediately buy their product.

  • Ads Warn you to Act Fast:

Scammers just want you to purchase their antivirus product immediately, and they want you to act fast so that you do not get the time to think and they can easily install malware in your device.

  • The Pop-Ups Ads are Hard to Close:

Attackers just want their scareware pop-ups ads to remain on your computer screen and they do not want you to close those pop-up ads. And if you click on the “X” button to close the ads, this will brings up more warnings ads on your computer.

What you Should do with scareware?

It is advised that you should never click on its “download” button. And always close the ad. While closing, you should be careful because scareware is difficult to close and is designed in such a way that it tricks you to accidentally start downloading in your device. You should close your browser rather than closing the pop-up ad. In case, you cannot be able to close the browser on your PC, then you should try Ctrl-Alt-Delete to shut things down. Do not give your credit card information or other personal details in reaction to these scareware ads. Do not purchase the fake antivirus software. And you should not download anything from a company who you did not recognize.

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