If PC Screen Turns Completely White on Startup! How to Resolve it with Webroot?

If you are getting white screen on your device then this will make your device completely unusable. To fix this issue, you should install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe. In this blog, you will read the method to fix white screen issues on your device.

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Method To Fix White Screen Issues on Your Device:

1. Check your Drivers:

This issue occurs on your Computer because of your graphics card driver is out of date. You can fix it by updating your graphics driver to the latest version. You should do this from Safe Mode or from different user account. If you want to enter Safe Mode, then you have to press the power button just to restart the PC. If the Windows log displays, then hold the power button for a few seconds. You should repeat this process one more time. On the third restart, you will view a blue screen with several options. At this point, you have to select Troubleshoot / Advanced options / Startup Settings and then hit on Restart button. When your PC restarts, you should select Safe Mode with Networking from the list.

For updating process, you can also use a dedicated third-party tool that is DriverFix.

2. Install Webroot Antivirus to Scan Malware:

It is suggested to fix this issue, you must install Webroot antivirus via webroot.com/safe to eliminate all kind of malware from your computer system. This software helps to scan your computer system timely. If in case, you are facing problems then you should go for a boot scan.

3. Run sfc/scannow Command:

You should right-click on Start Menu button and then open Command Prompt as Admin. After this, you should enter the following line and then press Enter: sfc/scannow. You should wait till the scan complete. At last, you should Restart your computer and check if the white screen still appears.

4. Connect your PC to Different Display:

If in case, you checked the graphics card and then everything is fine but you still see the white screen on startup, then the problem is caused by your display. In this situation you should connect your device to an external display and then check if the issue reappears or not. If you find your graphics card is faulty, then you will see the white screen appear on the external screen also. If not, this means this issue is caused by your laptop display.

5. Remove your Laptop Battery:

If you find a white screen on your laptop, then just fix the problem by removing your laptop battery. When you remove the battery, then check your laptop is disconnected from the power cord. After this, press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Again insert the battery and then turn on your laptop and just check the problem still persists or not.

The above method helps to fix White screen issue on your device. If in case, the user need help, then navigate to official website of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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