If Your Wi-Fi Stops Working! What to Do?

Today, most of the people are getting information through internet. They generally use internet on their devices like laptop, computer, tablets, Mac and Android Phones etc. People are accessing internet on their devices through the wireless network called Wi-Fi. In this, the wireless adapter uses radio signals just to give you internet connectivity and it also creates hotspots for other devices to connect.  You can connect multiple devices with one network without using long cables. In emergency, people can access the Wi-Fi in public places also as nowadays Wi-Fi is available in all the restaurants or coffee shops.

But what you will do if your Wi-Fi stops working. It will be difficult to find out the reason but you can fix this issue. In this bog, you will read the solution of the common issues which you will encounter with your Wi-Fi. If the user wants technical help, they can contact to the technical team of Webroot via www.webroot.com/safe.

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Some of the Common Issues With your Wi-Fi connection:

  • Check The Connected Devices:

 There may be instances, when your Wi-Fi connection cannot be able to detect the devices which you are using.  So in this situation, it is highly recommended that you should not use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection. Because there might be a connection problem with that device. In this case, you should check the settings of the device which is unable to connect. In Windows, you can browse for Identify and repair network issues. In phone, just check out in the settings. Here, you can turn off the Wi-Fi for 30 seconds and then again turn it on. If again the issue persists then just delete the current network which are saved in the device and again reconnect it.

  • Slow Connection:

 If your Wi-Fi connection slows down, then there are various reasons for this. One is if you are far away from your router then there will be more disturbances in the connection. Another reason may be if wireless connection is used by multiple devices it will slow down the connection. To fix it, you should check the internet just by plugging in the modem directly to your computer to see the network speed. But if you find the connection is slow, then the issue is in your internet and not in the router. Here, you can also change the channel in your router settings.

  • Network Connects But No Internet:

Sometimes it happens when the network is available when you connect to the device but the message which show is there is no internet connection. N this case, you should reset the router but if the issue still persists then you should contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

In future you do not face any Wi-Fi issues, for this you should regularly update Your Router’s Firmware, you can also change the Channels for Better Network, Multiple Bandwidth For Varied Purposes,  you can try Mesh Wi-Fi Network and always keep your Wi-Fi network password protected.

The above method will fix the issues if your Wi-Fi stops working. And for the protection of your device, you must install Webroot antivirus in your internet connected devices through webroot.com/safe

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