Modem vs Router. Difference Between Modem And Router:

Both, Modems and routers are the very useful devices and it is used to connect with the internet. Both devices have blinking lights on the front and Ethernet ports on the back but these devices perform different functions. Webroot team just wants its user to know about the difference between a modem and a router and this antivirus can install through for the protection of internet connected devices from malware and viruses. The basic difference between modem and router is modem is used to connect to the internet and a router is used to connect devices to Wi-Fi. Hence, Modem is the gateway to the internet and router is the central hub for all your devices. In this blog, you will read the difference between modem and router.

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What is Modem?

Modem comes from a word modulation and it is a device which receives an analog signal from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and after that, it translates those signals into a digital signal so that your devices can understand. Through modem, your devices can send and receive data over the internet.

Normally, modems have three ports, one that connects to the internet, and other which connects to a router and third which connects to a power source. Earlier modems are used connect to the internet through telephone lines but now newer modems use cable connections to connect to the internet. Modems also have one Ethernet port so that it connects to a router or computer system. Hence, if you sign up for internet plan with your ISP, they will provide you with a modem. But your internet provider will charge you monthly fee. It will better, if you purchase your own modem as this will save your money.

What is a Router?

A router is a device which distributes your internet connection from your modem to the devices. It enables you to connect to the internet by using your computer, Smartphone, smart TV and also other devices. It distributes the correct internet traffic to the correct device by using an IP address of your device. That is why, when you search a website on your computer, the traffic does not get sent to your smartphone.

With the help of router, you can enable the security settings and also prioritize the traffic to specific device. Through, router your devices can communicate with one another over the network. The two common types of router are wired and wireless routers. Wi-Fi routers have built-in antennas so that it transmits your internet signal wirelessly. Routers have Ethernet port which is used to connect to a modem so that you can send and receive information from the internet.

Hence, you need both modem and router if you want to connect to multiple devices. And router should be connected to the modem if you want to distribute the internet connection to all your devices. If in case, you are setting up a home internet connection, then there are modem routers combos available in the market. And for the protection of these devices from malware and viruses, you must install Webroot antivirus via

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