Tips To Defend Yourself Against Online Tracking:

In today’s world, where everything becomes digitalize and all the work of the people depend upon the internet. Hackers are also finding techniques to make money. They adopt various methods to steal your valuable data like phishing emails, identity theft, ransomware attack etc. But Webroot team just wants its user to be safe while using internet and you can install this robust security software in your device through This software blocks all the threat and immediately gives you the notification so that malware does not install in your device. This software is available for all the devices like computer, Mac, laptop and Android Phones. In this blog, you will read the tips to protect yourself from online tracking.

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Ways Which Protect Against Online Tracking:

  • Hide your IP address with a VPN:

Always remember that VPN will not secure you against tracking cookies, but this will shield your online activity behind a different IP address. There are so many tracking prevention tools which are available in the market, but it is suggested that you should go for the trustworthy VPN like Webroot VPN which will hide your identity online.

  • Upgrade Your Web Browser with add-ons:

There are some extensions which are available and can add much-needed privacy and security protections to your web browser. It is suggested that you should research thoroughly about extensions before adding them to your browser and you can download extensions through official portal.

  • Don’t link accounts:

 There are many sites on internet which gives you the option to log in with a social media account. It is suggested that you should always create a brand-new account for these sites. As this will prevents sites from linking to your activity on social media accounts. Also it secures your social media accounts from hacking. If in case, hackers hack one of your accounts by using your unique login credentials, but they cannot access your other accounts.

  • Block third-party cookies:

It is advised that you should set your browser to block third-party cookies, if it is not blocking automatically. And you should also clear your cookies for security reasons.

  • Limit data collection and sharing:

It is advised, that you should check the settings for your Google, social media, and other accounts and also services and apps. You should deactivate the data collection, tracking, or sharing permissions in the settings. When you sign up for new services, just deactivate the data collection services and sharing permission. You should install anti-tracking protection like Webroot which secures your online activity and also protect your valuable data.

  • Switch to a secure browser:

It is suggested that you should switch to secure browser as secure browsers are designed with strict privacy and security. And all these protections settings gets activated when you install and open the browser.

This method will ensure that you are not being tracked online. If the user need help in installing Webroot antivirus, just visit to the official website via

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