Tips To Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking:

As you all know that everything is becoming digitalized, so everybody depend upon the internet for their work. That is why; it is becoming important that you protect yourself from cyber attacks because hackers are also using digital techniques to attack the user. Cyberstalking is also known as online stalking. In this hackers use the technology of Internet, to harass the user. It includes false accusations, monitoring, threats, identity theft, and also data destruction. Cyberstalkers use the technique of emails, instant messages, phone calls and other ways to stalk the life of the people. Hence, Webroot team wants its user to inform its customer about cyberstalking. And it is highly recommended for the security measures the user must install Webroot antivirus software in their device through This software provides complete security to the user from internet threat. In this blog, you will read about the tips to protect yourself from cyberstalking.

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Preventive Measures From Cyberstalking:

  1. The user should protect their physical access to their computer and other Web-enabled devices like Smartphone, Mac etc. Because, Cyberstalkers utilize the software and the hardware devices to keep the eye on their victims.
  2. It is advised you should always log out of your computer programs if you going away from your computer and also use a screensaver with a password. You should also teach your kids to follow the same good habits.
  3. You should use password manager to create a strong password for better security. And never share your passwords with other people. It is suggested you should change your passwords timely.
  4. If you make private online calendars in which you have make a list of events which you are planning to attend. Then it is advised you should delete these calendars as this will inform the stalker where you’re planning to be and when.
  5. If you describe about your personal information on social networks, like your name, date of birth, where you work and also where you live. Then you must use the privacy settings in all your online accounts and do not share your personal information with those who are out of your circle. If you don’t want some people to see your post, you can block them.
  6. You should use a security software program like Webroot antivirus to prevent malware from being installed in your computer system through phishing attack or from other internet attacks. As this software will quickly detect and blocks any malicious activity in your device.
  7. You should never provide your personal information to anyone online and do not tell your real name, address, phone number and also the city where you live for security reasons.

The above are some of the method which will prevent you from cyberstalking. But if the user need the information about the installation of Webroot software in their devices, then they can anytime contact to the customer care of Webroot via  

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